List of oil fields in rajasthan?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The Basin is Jaisalmer Basin. Sub-basins are: Bikaner-Nagaur Sub-basin and Barmer sub-basin. The oilfields are:








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Q: List of oil fields in rajasthan?
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Mangla oil well is located in?

The oil fields in the Mangala Area are located in the Indian State of Rajasthan.

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India has many oil fields but most of them haven't started production till now..... The first oil field found in India is in Assam at a place called Digboi There after oil fields were found in Gujarat,Bombay high,Rajasthan and there are other offshore fields in Andhra pradesh,Tamilnadu,pondicheerry.... The largest oil production in India is done at Bombay high (in Bombay) Major oil fields are in the following states Assam Gujarat Rajasthan Hope this info helps.....

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It is fake...

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Bihar,West bengal, Maharastra, Puduchery, Uttar pradesh and Assam

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Top cities of rajasthan by 2001 census (population in lakhs)Top cities of rajasthan by 2001 census (population in lakhs)Jaipur 23.23Jodhpur 8.61Kota 7.03Bikaner 5.30Ajmer 4.91Udaipur 3.89Bhilwara 2.80Ganganagar 2.23Bharatpur 2.05