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list of postal codes in Colombia

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2009-10-18 00:46:29
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Q: List of postal code in Colombia?
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What is the postal code for Bogota Columbia?

what is the postal code for Bogota Colombia

What is the postal code in bogota colombia?

The postal code often used for Bogota, Colombia is 11001000. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia with 6,778,691 residents.

How would you abbreviate Bogota Colombia in South America when entering a postal code?

A postal code is a postal code, not an abbreviation for a city. An address should be written as (address) Bogota, Colombia (or Bogota COL if you have included the Colombian Postal Code above it)

Can i have a list of post offices in Nairobi and their postal codes?

dandora postal code

Where can I find the US postal zip code for Seattle?

You can find the US postal zip code for Seattle by going to a postal zip code finder online. Another way to find US postal codes is to go to a post office. There are directories at post offices which list postal codes.

Postal code of taif?

the postal code is Postal Code: 21944

List of Kuwait areas postal code in farwaniya buildings.?

abu halifa

What are the zip codes in Germany?

In Germany, a ZIP code or postal code is called the Postleitzahl (PLZ). For a list of postal codes in Germany, please refer to the "Related Links" below.

Where can one find a postal code list?

If one is referring to Canadian postal codes, one can find listings of postal codes on the Canada Post website. One must first enter an address, city and province and the postal code for the address will be provided.

Meyerton postal code?

the meyerton postal code is 1960. check your postal code book.

What is Colombia calling code?

Colombia is country code +57.

Luanshya Zambia postal code?

No it's not a postal code, a postal code includes Four Numbers

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