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Episode 1; The Jackson Family

Episode 2; The Aftermath

Episode 3; The Jackson's Abroad

Episode 4; Come Together

Episode 5; Lock Down

Episode 6; Now, What?
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Family history for Andrew Jackson?

Not much is known about Andrew Jackson's family history. His mother and father were Scotch-Irish and traveled from Ireland to what later became the US in 1765. They probably landed in Pennsylvania and traveled overland to the Scotch-Irish community in the Waxhaws region. His father was Andrew Jackso ( Full Answer )

Who is Michael Jackson family?

Father: Joe Jackson Mother: Katherine Jackson Brothers: Jermaine Marlon Tito Jackie Sisters: Janet LaToya Rebbie Children: Prince Paris "Blanket"

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Series # Season # Episode title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code . 1. 1. " Sketchy Beginnings ". David Trainer. Michael Feldman Steve Marmel. February 8, 2009 (2009-02-08). 101. 2. 2. " West Coast Story ". David Trainer. Michael Feldman Steve Marmel. Febru ( Full Answer )

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1. Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors before 2070 BC 2. Xia Dynasty 2070--1600 BC 3. Shang Dynasty 1600--1046 BC 4. Western Zhou Dynasty 1046--771 BC 5. Eastern Zhou Dynasty 770--256 BC 6. Qin Dynasty 221--206 BC 7. Western Han Dynasty 206 BC--AD 9 8. Xin Dynasty 9--23 9. Eastern Han Dynasty 25 ( Full Answer )

How many children are in the Jackson family?

Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson had 10 children: (In no particular order: Jermaine, Michael, LaToya, Janet, Randy, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Marlon's twin brother Brandon who died shortly after birth.)

What are the names and ages of the Jackson family?

The Jackson Family* Father: Joe Jackson Mother: Katherine Scruse-Jackson Oldest Sister: Rebbie (age 59) Oldest Brother: Jackie (age 58) Next Brother: Tito (age 55) Next Brother: Jermaine (age 54) Middle Sister: La'Toya (age 53) Next Brother: Marlon (age 52) *Twin brother to ( Full Answer )

Who is in Jackson Rathbone's family?

Jackson has three sister: Kelly, Ryann and Britney (brea or Bee as she perfers to be called). He then has a mother (Randee) and father (Jack) and has a cat named Dean. His Granfathers Basil Rathbone (Best known as Sherlock Holmes, Who died in 1967).

Who are the in the family of the Jacksons?

He has a MASSIVE family. His parents are Katherine and Joseph Jackson. His sisters are Rebbi, Janet and LaToya. His brothers are Marlon, Jermaine, Randy, Jackie and Tito Jackson. That is all I know.

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Which Family Guy episodes does Michael Jackson appear?

Prick Up Your Ears The Courtship of Stewie's Father 420 He appears in The Courtship of Stewie's Father when Stewie and Peter go to Disney World. He also appears in a cutaway in Prick Up Your Ears , when Lois refers to him as being sexually confused. He is shown eating a bowl of Froste ( Full Answer )

List of the Percy Jackson series?

the lightning thief, the sea of monsters, the titans curse, the battle of the Labyrinth, the demigod files, and the last olympian There's also a second series called the Heroes of Olympus. The first one is the Lost Hero, and the second one is the Son of Neptune. The third book in the Heroes of ( Full Answer )

Who are all of the Jacksons in Janet Jacksons family?

Mother - Katherine Jackson (May 4, 1930) Father - Joe Jackson (July 26, 1928) Siblings from oldest to youngest (Janet is the youngest of all them) Maureen 'Rebbie' Jackson (May 29, 1950) Sigmund 'Jackie' Jackson (May 4, 1951) Toriano 'Tito' Jackson (October 15, 1953) Jermaine Jackson (December 11, ( Full Answer )

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What kind of family did Michael Jackson have?

He grew up in a very small home with many brothers and sisters in Gary, Indiana. His father was VERY strict, and made them practice all the time. Michael has said that he believes his Mother Katherine is perfection. He has said "I just wish I could understand my father.", which really shows the rela ( Full Answer )

What is a list of Jackson five songs?

1.ABC 2.Blame It On The Boogie 3.Dancing Machine 4.Got to be there 5.I'll Be There 6.I Wanna Be Where You Are 7.I want You Back 8.The Love You Save 9.Mama's Pearl 10.Never Can Say Goodbye 11.Can You Feel It 12.Shake Your Body Down To The Ground 13.Frosty The Snowman 14.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clau ( Full Answer )

Who is Michael Jackson family members?

father: Joseph Jackson mother: Katherine Jackson siblings: Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, Randy, Rebbie, LaToya and Janet. children: Michael J. Jackson Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II

What are the list of episodes of May and Drew?

List of episodes- "Now That's Flower Power!" Season- 6, Episode- 33 (Of advance Series) "Win, Lose or Drew!" S- 6, E- 35 (Of advance Series) "Pros and Con Artists!" S- 7, E- 50 (Of advance Series) "Come What May!" S- 7, E- 51 (Of advance Series) "Disaster of Disguise" S- 7, E- 6 ( Full Answer )

Do any of the Jackson family have Twitters?

They sure do. Their usernames are as follows: @ALLJACK5ONS - Jermaine and Marlon @titojackson5 - Tito @randyjackson8 - Randy @JanetJackson - Janet.

List of characters in Percy Jackson?

1) Perseus "Percy" Jackson; son of Posiedon 2) Annabeth Chase; daughter of Athena 3) Grover Underwood; Satyr 3) Chiron; Centaur 4) Luke Castellan; Son of Hermes 5) Kronos; Chiron's father, main antagonist of the plot 6) Rachel Dare; Oracle 7) Posiedon; Sea God, Percy's father 8) Thalia Grace ( Full Answer )

What family problems does Percy Jackson have?

Percy doesn't really have any family problems, but his mom gets a boyfriend in book 3 and Percy is happy for his mom. Paul (his mother's boyfriend), is shown in the fourth book that he will propose to Sally Jackson, and in the fifth book they are married.

List of gods in Percy Jackson?

Gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Ares, Pan, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Atremis, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Athena, Morpheus Titans: Kronos, Atlas, Hyperion, Promotheus

Who is the Jackson family?

Michael Jackson was born the 7th of nine children by Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson. his oldest sister was maureen (rebbie) she had a modestly successful recording career but first and foemost was a housewife. his oldest brother was sigmund (Jackie) and he was a dancer in the Jackson five, a d ( Full Answer )

What features did Michael Jackson have from his family?

Michael had many features of his mother and father. He got his big, dark brown eyes from his mother Katherine. He got his head-shape from his father. He learned his gestures form his mother such as tapping his feet together when nervous. He was very shy liek his mother and got lots form them

How many singers are there in the Jackson family?

All nine of the Jackson children have tried their hand at singing, some were obviously incredibly successful, Rebbie the eldest child had some success while LaToya was the only one who didn't really have any.

Which family is the port Jackson shark from?

The Port Jackson shark , Heterodontus portusjacksoni , is a nocturnal , oviparous type of bullhead shark of the family Heterodontidae , found in the coastal region of southern Australia , including the waters off Port Jackson . It has a large head with prominent forehead ridges and dar ( Full Answer )

Why is the Kennedy family considered a political dynasty?

Because the patriarch Joe lived the American dream going from a poor boy to the wealthiest man in America. Three of his sons served as politicians in D.C. Jack (JFK) was a Senator and later President before being assassinated. Robert (RFK) was a Senator and Attorney General (under his brother), also ( Full Answer )

Who were Andrew Jacksons family?

His father died before Jackson was born.His mother died in 1781 when her son Andrew was 14 years old.His older brother died that same year.His wife Rachel died on December 22,1828 just three weeks after Jackson won the presidential election of 1828.

How many members are there in the Jackson family?

The Jackson family is very famous in the entertainment industry with the most famous being Michael Jackson. The family has a total of 11 members with seven boys and four girls.

Where was the famous Jackson family home?

The Jackson family, of the Jackson 5 musical group, originated from humble beginnings in a little town called Gary, Indiana. That is where the the famous family home is located.

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IMBD have a Scrubs episode list on the page of their website dedicated to Scrubs. This allows the user to select a series, and view the title and short description of each episode in that series.

Where is there a list of the Chinese dynasties?

The wikipedia encyclopedia website offers an article labeled Dynasties in Chinese History which lists and offers detailed information about each of the Chinese Dynasties.

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