List ten lifestyle factors that promote good health?

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In Health
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Work in a stress-fee environment (or as stress free as possible)
4. Don't live in big cities (pollution)
5. Relaxation
6. Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night
7. Avoid drugs and alcohol
8. Abstaining from sexual activity before marriage.
9. Maintaining positive relationships
10. Practicing safe behaviors to prevent injuries
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Can physical activity promote good mental health?

Answer . Quite possibly. Regular physical exertion is a great way to deal with stress, and well timed exercise can lead to a better night's sleep, in turn increasing your alertness for the next day. Exercise could also help slow mental decline associated with aging. Some research has even sugges ( Full Answer )

What should Health Promoters be Promoting?

Answer . Health promoters promote anything that leads to greater health. Examples would be healthy lifestyles, preventive medicine (such as immunizations), and regular doctor visits.

What is health promotion?

the process of enabling people to increase control, to improve their health to represents a comprehensive social and political process.

How does lifestyle affect one's health?

because if someone doesn't live a healthy lifestyle (Like if they smoke or take drugs everyday) it could cause lung cancer or other serious health problems.

What footballers promote a healthy lifestyle?

Macclesfield Town Football Club promote a healthy lifestyleglobally. They also promote the importance of regular medicalcheck-ups especially for checking if one has cancer.

What are lifestyle factors?

In general, lifestyle factors are those things that can impact our health that we can control. What and how we eat, whether or not we smoke, whether or not (and how much) we drink, and whether or not (and how much) we exercise are all lifestyle factors that impact our health. It's all about choice ( Full Answer )

How do you promote health?

The best way to promote health is to lead by example and maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise. You can also encourage your family and friends to join you when you go out to the gym or invite them over when you're cooking a healthy meal.

What is a good lifestyle?

lifestyle is chilingout because anything you want to do it you can do simple as that.

How does lifestyle factors effect health and fitness?

lifestyle factors affects your health and fitness,this is because it forms the second most circle in healthy lifestyle. This is the circle of healthy lifestyle from inner most core. . Parents, age and sex . Lifestyle . Society, family and friends . Living and working conditions . Culture, t ( Full Answer )

How does lifestyle affect health of the people?

People that know their body well will build, strengthen or maintain their body by living the right lifestyle. People that don't know their body may cause it having illness or other problems by lifestyling bad.

List ten stories where evil overcomes good?

The cask of the Amontillado . Fall of the House of Usher . Premature Burial . 1984 . Brave New World . Young Goodman Brown . The Scarlet Letter . Animal Farm . Romeo and Juliette . Hamlet

Disadvantages of health in modern lifestyle?

health -wise , we are less active in everyday activity because we spent so much time on our computers . In our increasingly hectic lives, lack of sleep (42%) and stress of everyday life (27%) is a great impact of modern life .

List of lifestyle diseases?

A lifestyle disease is one that comes about based on the way aperson or particular people live. Examples of such include obesity,stroke, osteoporosis and heart attack.

List five lifestyle factors that promote good health?

1) Getting a good nights sleep 2) Exercising at least 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes 3) Eating healthy. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and high fiber foods. 4) Cutting out all the stress that you can in your life. 5) Having a positive outlook on life.

How does Tae Kwon Do promote healthy lifestyles?

Tae Kwon-Do requires discipline, which is linked to motivation and can help social skills. This discipline involves ability to control situations and control your well being. Tae Kwon-Do helps general fitness, including strength, speed and especially flexibilty. These aspects improve lifestyles, as ( Full Answer )

What do you consider a healthful and sensible lifestyle?

I personally think that if you do a lot of sports, eat something from every food group for every meal, being happy, sleeping well, and going outside to take walks regularly are what I consider the main points on being healthy.

List family related risk factors in alteration of health?

Depending on the disease or condition, many familial (family) risk factors may come into play. Genetic science continues to investigate inherited causes of disease. Many times, a family has a predisposition to certain diseases through many generations. One of the best ways to learn your own fam ( Full Answer )

Who promotes health?

This is a bit of an open ended question, and could really include a whole lot of different types of people. You would first think of doctors, fitness instructors, natural health companies, organic food producers and especially nutritionists. With the debate over health care taking over the center of ( Full Answer )

How does lifestyle affect your health?

An active lifestyle, one where you are up and moving for at least 30 minutes a day, has infinite benefits. Exercise releases endorphins, a happy chemical in your brain, and improves your mood and handles stress. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight and confidence. Eat healthy foods. Drink lot ( Full Answer )

What are the factors that promote good health?

· Getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. ___ · Starting each day with a healthy breakfast. ___ · Eating a variety of nutritious foods each day. ___ · Being physically active for at least 20 minutes a day, three or more days a week. ___ · Maintaining a healthy weight. ___ · ( Full Answer )

List ten risk inducing factors in your home?

Cylinders at home should be kept in open. Improve fire resistance and warning systems. Maintain a wind flow diagram of the region. Prevent leakage of lpg gas.

What are the factors affecting good health?

There are many factors which affect your health, like food habits, exercise, the mind, etc. Food : Consume healthy food like fruits, pulses, vegetables, etc. Avoid consumption of acidic beverages like tea, coffee, wine, cola, etc. that can result in tooth erosion & other tooth problems. Ex ( Full Answer )

How does handwashing promote a healthy lifestyle?

hand washing promotes a healthy lifestyle as it gets rid of germs and bacteria, which means you are less ill also it means it is a life skill and habit, which means you will wash your hands reguarly and so will lead a healthy life

What is the relationship between health and lifestyle?

none There is a close relationship between health and lifestyle. In this era of fast lifestyle, the young genre has inclination towards fast food which is root causes of obesity,blood sugar,ulcer etc. Those who are unable to cope up with the fast lifestyle, are often subjected to stress disorder,m ( Full Answer )

What can anyone do to promote a healthy lifestyle?

i believe the most successful way to promote a healthy lifestyle is for the schools to take charge and promote it to the students... children are the next generation and therefore, in order increase healthy lifestyles, you have to teach the next generation otherwise the unhealthiness that is going o ( Full Answer )

How can your lifestyle choices affect your health?

Eating too much will make you fat. Smoking too much will make you cough. Drinking too much will make you an alcoholic. Doing drugs too much will make you addicted and all of the above will eventually kill you. Hope this helped :-)

Does Johnny Depp promote healthy lifestyle?

That would depend on your definition of healthy. Depp has confessed to trying and/or using every drug known to mankind, although of late, I think he has cut back to occasional forays with alcohol, and has an off and on relationship with cigarettes.

Does Barack Obama promote lifestyle?

Not in any active way unless you include jobs in lifestyle. Mrs. Obama campaigns against childhood obesity and for better nutrition and more exercise.

How does lifestyle factors effect health and fitness -?

Our lifestyle plays a very vital role in effecting our health andfitness.. If we sleep early and wake early and doing regularexercises, yoga and other fitness job then we will stay healthy andfit.. But if our lifrstyle is out of these activities and eatingjunk foods then nothing can make us stay fit ( Full Answer )

What are ten good lifestyle factors that premote good health?

Yes its true that your health depends on your lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles leads to healthy body. In today's situation it is tough to have healthy lifestyle because of packed & busy schedule which automatically affects your health. 1. Sleep Early Weak up early 2. Eat Healthy Food - Fruits,Gra ( Full Answer )