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List the 10 largest private universities in the US?

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2009-12-16 22:52:05

This list of largest private United States university campuses

by enrollment includes only individual four-year campuses, not

four-year universities which can have multiple campuses with a

single administration.

  1. New York University 38,391
  2. Brigham Young University 34,126
  3. University of Southern California 33,500
  4. Boston University 32,735
  5. Liberty University 32,222
  6. Nova Southeastern University 28,796
  7. Columbia University 25,495
  8. Northeastern University 24,752
  9. DePaul University 24,352
  10. Long Island University 24,170

(There are so many other university in US which enroll more than

40,000 students)

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