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I am not sure........ I am the one who posted this message and I need to know it for MAJOR homework! Please help! <33 Science Homework

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Q: List three ways scientists gather evidence about your weather?
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What evidence do scientists have that continents were once joined?

there was three types of evidence that he had before he died was fossils, land features, and climate

What are three steps scientists take to evaluate a explanation?

Empirical evidence, science, pseudoscience

What are three things forensic scientists use DNA fingerprinting for?


What are the three r's for evidence?

The three &quot;R's&quot; for evidence are reliability, relevance, and rigor. Reliability refers to the credibility and accuracy of the evidence. Relevance ensures that the evidence is directly related to the topic or question at hand. Rigor refers to the strength and quality of the methods used to gather and analyze the evidence.

What three pieces of evidence did Harry Hess gather to prove that seafloor spreading was taking place?

Three evidence that supports Harry Hess theory of Seafloor Spreading is; 1. Paleomagnetism. 2. Plate Tectonics. 3. Polar Wondering and Polar Reversal.

How do scientists gather evidence to answer?

Observation, like Tycho Brahe observing the motion of the planets; Experimentation, like Galileo dropping a ball from the tower of Pisa; and interpretation like Einstein's Brownian Motion. These are the ways evidence is gathered and all three can be wrong. Replication, others getting the same answers from repeating the first scientists work is a safeguard but not sure protection. For example the redshift is mis-interpreted to mean the Universe is expanding. The observation is correct but the interpretation is incorrect because of Group Think.

What are three kinds of evidence scientists have discovered to support the idea of the ocean floor spreading?

molten material, magnetic stripes, and the ages of the rock.

What are the three tools of criminal investigations?

three tools criminalinvestigation

What are the three types of weather forecasting?

Three types of hazardous weather forecasts are weather advisories, weather watches, and weather warnings.

What are the three synonyms for collect?

Gather, hoard, and save.

What three scientists helped out with the cell theory?

Three German scientists. Matthias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann and Rudolph Virchow.

What three wild foods did the Native Americans of Northeast gather?