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* 1.) Obligate Anaerobes (can live only oxygen-free environment)

* 2.) Facultative Anaerobes (can live oxygen including environment, but makes anaerobic fermentation)

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List two forms that rational choice can take?

Financial planning and rational choice

Why would the earliest living forms have carried on anaerobic respiration rather than aerobic?

There was not enough oxygen in the atmosphere until the anerobes made it, and then drove themselves almost to extinction.

Which organisms carry out lactic acid fermentation?

bacteria and animal anerobes

How do many bacteria living in moist areas move?

because many microbes are aerobic and facaltative anerobes

What type of organisms use lactic acid fermentation?

bacteria and animal anerobes and some other really awesome stuff like cookies and pudding and really delicious chocolate pudding i mean chocolate pudding hits the spot Chaos dude: bacteria and animal anerobes that is it!

List the three states of matter and two examples for each?

what are forms of matter which breakdown into liquids, then into gases

List two reasons why monerans are considered to be the simplest of all life forms?

1. unicellular 2.prokaryotic

What is a complete list of the singular ans plural verb forms in a particular tense?

Any list of word forms according to grammatical categories is called a paradigm.

What are two forms of radiation?

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What are two forms of drama?

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What are the two bacteria domains?

Anerobes and aerobes? depending on whether they need an environment with oxygen or not to survive. However there are also facultative anerobes! Or "Gram positive" and "Gram negative"? depending on whether the bacteria in question take up a Gram stain or not - nothing to do with weight or mass, but does depend on structure of cell wall. Named after some scientist who developed a method of staining bacterial cells to see them under the microscope, over 100 years ago (Google "Gram stain bacteria" for more info).

Are endocytosis and exocytosis two forms of passive transport?

Endocytosis and exocytosis are two forms of active transport. Diffusion and osmosis are two forms of passive transport.

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The word "following" implies the existence of a list. No such list is given.

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what are two forms of application layer software

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the two forms of autocratiz are aligarchy and democracy

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Lava and magma are two forms of melted rocks

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Mitosis forms two diploid cells.

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Can you list all the different forms of exercise?

no yoga running

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