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Location of Component Center in a 1993 cutlass supreme?


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2007-05-05 23:36:16
2007-05-05 23:36:16

Above the brake petal. You have to take the cover off.


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my 93 was located center of the car, under the car behind the oil filter. You'll have to take the filter off to get it out.

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The oil pressure switch on a 1995 cutlass supreme is located under the hood front center of the oil pan. It is right beside the oil filter.?æ

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I have 90 cutlass supreme. look under center of car for gas tank. should be on back end of the tank. need to jack up high enough to get at.

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Cutlass S, yes Cutlass or Cutlass Supreme, no Interwebs search of photos will show the difference- the raised center section. Oh, for details, the 442 will NOT have the "Oldsmobile" script (or holes for it) in the left front corner.

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