Longest game played in one sitting?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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the answer is soccer

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Q: Longest game played in one sitting?
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What is the longest card game ever played?

Im not to sure, but my longest ever one lasted about 1 hour...

Who was sitting at the game tonight next to jack?

No one

What is the most longest time to play in one game in the NBA?

the whole game

How long was the longest game of league of legends?

There is no recorded longest game played but while attempting records, players have reached over 24 hours in a single game. However, past that point the minions's hp and resists scale faster than your damage can increase, which ultimately makes one side lose.

How long is the longest game of two square?

It can be as long as you want. It depends on the person that is stronger and the one that is better at the game.

What is the longest uno card game ever played?

the longest game of uno was 2 hours!!! that is a long time. =P

A game played with sticks curved at one end?

Hockey is a game played with a stick curved at one end.

Bo Jackson longest running plays did he have two long runs in one game?


How many hours did the longest game in Major Baseball last?

one minute and 24 seconds

What team was in the three longest baseball games?

there was a 25 inning game in 84 that the white sox won. there was a 23 inning that was part of a double header i believe kansas city won that one. The Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Braves played the longest game in MLB history in 1920. It went 26 innings and wound up in a 1-1 tie.

Can you catch Arceus in Pokemon white?

No. You need to shift from another generation, if you have one sitting in an old game.

Who is sitting with you?

no one, i am sitting alone