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The longest recorded time without sex is believed to be 28 years by a man named Nelson Havi, from Kenya. However, it is important to note that there may be individuals who have gone longer without engaging in sexual activity, but their cases have not been officially documented.

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Exactly 2 hours, which could have been extended further but due to lack of lubrication and boring act it wasw stopped... This was tried just to know the capability of a couple in sex and not to set any record...

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3 hours and 21 sceonds i held that record

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A lifetime.

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3 hours

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Q: Longest time without sex
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What is the longest that a married couple has gone without sex and stayed married?

Such statistics are not recorded.

What is the longest time a egg can be fertilised after sex?

I believe it can happen up to 3-5 days after sex.

What is the longest time a guy has gone in sex before ejecting?

my friend did it for 2 hours and he said it felt good

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What is the longest same-sex marriage?

The first legal same-sex marriages in modern times took place in 2001 in the Netherlands. Therefore, the longest same-sex marriage is currently 11 years old.

How do you sex for a long time without use of medicine?

Take it slowly and don't rush it.

Which months are safe for sex in pregnency time?

In normal pregnancy without problem, it is safe to have sex from the beginning of your pregnancy until you give birth.

How long was the worlds longest sex?

The world's Longest SEX was 2 days! I guess the love was hard and good send me a message to ask more qts thanks and have sex at 10-20 with boys oh yea

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What is dry spells?

A dry spell is a period time in which you go without something, I.e Sex or drugs.

How long a woman can go without sex without suffering?

It all depends on how you condition your body. If you have sex every day for a month and then not for a week, your body will be expecting it and not be getting anything so you will become sexually frustrated. If you go without sex for a long time, such as several years, your body will not care about it as it is no longer a part of your life.

What is the longest same-sex marriage on Facebook?

If you are talking about legal same-sex marriages, the longest ones are from 2001, however, many married gay couples have been partners a lot longer than their marriage date.