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Longest word starting with the letter c?


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The longest word starting with c is counterproductiveness with twentyone letters crystallographically has twenty letters


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Conceptualization is the longest word in the English language that starts with the letter c. Other long words that start with the letter c include congeniality, contagiousness, classlessness, and claustrophobia.

A word to describe you starting with the letter c is cute.

A four letter word starting with c is cute.

A 7 letter word starting with c is confirm.

The Congo River is the longest river in Africa. It begins with the letter C.

Countdown and commencement are synonyms for starting. They begin with the letter c.

counterrevolution contains 17 letters

A program in c that identifies the longest word in a sentence?

Caterpillar is an eleven letter word. It is an animal.

the word for taxi starting with the letter c is cab.

The seven letter word of a car starting with c is Cadilac. Dodge Caravan.

* symbolic * sporadic * sadistic * sardonic * specific

Five letter word, begins with c ends with d:creedcloudchordcriedcaredcoredcrowdcupidcycad

chromolithographer (18 letters) counterdemonstrator (19 letters)

That's an interesting question. I dont' know for sure, but the longest one I can think of right now is Electric. Hope I helped!

Celandine (flower), celluloid, centurion, champagne, character.

Candle, carrot, celery, copper, cradle, cringe, curing, cutter.

The phonetic word for the letter C is Charlie.

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