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GUIDE WORDS look at a page from a dictionary

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Q: Look at page from a dictionary?
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What are the dictionary guide words of self-evident?

That depends on the dictionary you are using. Turn to 'self-evident' in your dictionary and look at the two words printed at the top of the page.

On a dictionary page the word gimmick appear?

what guide words are on the dictionary page on which gimmick appers

What is a guide word in a dictionary?

Guide words are the words found at the top of the page in the dictionary to help you guide your way through the page. They tell you whats going to be on that page in the dictionary.

What are the guide words for the page in the dictionary that contains the word irrigation?

The guide words for the page with any given word will be different from dictionary, depending on the size of the pages, the number of words in the dictionary, and the size of the type. In my dictionary, The Random House Dictionary, paperback edition, the guide words on the page with the word irrigation are irretrievable-isothermal.

What words are on page 229 on a dictionary?

Each dictionary is different and it may contain different words. You should just flip through the dictionary and see for yourself what words are on page 229.

Can you show me a dictionary with page numbers and guide words?

There is no online Dictionary with guide words and page Numbers

What are guide words for dictionary page containing the word friendship?

Depends what dictionary you use

What page number can the word secede be in the children dictionary?

Any page number.

Notable would be found on the dictionary page with which guide words?

It depends on your dictionary. This question is probably to see if you know how to use the dictionary. To find the answer, find the word notable in your dictionary and then you will see the guide words. The guide words are at the top of the page and show the first and last word on the page in order to guide you to your word.In my dictionary, Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, "notable" is on the page with the guide words "Norwegian elkhound" and "note."

Which word would be on the page if the guide words were river and rust?

In the guide words on a dictionary page were "river" and "rust" which word would be on the page?

What are the guide words for the page in the dictionary that conyains the word zeolite?

The answer depends on the dictionary you're using. Each one will have different guide words on the page.

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