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I have a 9 millimeter Smith & Wesson model # 39-2, looking for clip for this.

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the model 42 is the same as the marlin model 80

We need to know model of rifle. the model of rifle is 93M 22 WMR its a 22 long rifle

where can i find a clip for a 22 cal springfield model 56

The axle shaft is retained from the inside with a horseshoe looking clip.The axle shaft is retained from the inside with a horseshoe looking clip.

Yes I need a clip for this model. Please contact me with price

Stevens model 62 savage arms 22 caliber/30 round clip

This Westernfield is the same gun as a mossberg model 353. this may help find parts easier.

me too, i have the same gun, how much is it worth? i heard they were made in 1965?

Gun shops, gun shows, want ads, might have the magazine you are looking for.

The Ranger 22 was built by Marlin firearms, try a clip that fits the folowing Marlin Rifles. 50-50E, 80C, 780. You are looking for something that was built in the 1930s.

I have the same question. Where can I find a clip for J.C.Higgins Model 103.228?

From ad on web the spiegel 31c was same as marlin model 55, may help in finding the 2 shell clip.

i order two for my model 56 on

No such thing as a clip for the 915. The magazine from a model 39 might fit.

There is a ammo clip for a J C Higgins shotgun model 58324 16 gauge. You can buy it as a replacement part.

What I need is a 5 bullet 22 clip for a savage steven model 62

Yes , mine has a 7 shell clip . If you put all 7 in clip the bolt has to be open before you can insert it.

There should be a little slide lever next to the clip on the bottom of the rifle. either push in or push forward and the clip will release.

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Jamican model Cindy Wright.