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Looking for a link to a good freeware or shareware site?

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I need a link to a good Shareware site THANKS? They list all kinds of shareware or try

How do you remove invalid entries from the computer register?

There are many commercial and freeware utilities available to registery cleaning and other system optimizations. You need to be careful to pick a good one. One freeware with good feedback is CCleaner. You can get it at the following link.

How you remove unwanted files from computer?

delete them, empty them from recycle bin CCleaner is a good freeware unwanted file remover. Link at the bottom of the page.

Where can you download freeware games?

Gamehippohas website, has 100% freeware games without adware or spyware. Some are rather excellent too. Give it a try. Or you can check out Gamer's Database (see related link below). You can find freeware games for your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, freeware game reviews, screenshots and videos. Brothersoft has some and the rest are on thepiratebay(google this to find the link)

Is bit torrent free to download?

If you are talking about bittorrent programs, the best ones are freeware. (see related link below for information on best freeware bittorrent clients).

Where can you get games online?

If by "get" you mean "download" there are several options: 1. You can go to a shareware/freeware site and download games 2. Some normal online games will have a "download" option or a link to another site were you can download them. 3. There are even online game adds which you can download. Just remember to look out for viruses and spam when downloading ANYTHING.

If you download game maker 7 is it legal?

It's legal cuz it's freeware!!!! here is the link:

Where can you get the Step Up 2 the Streets font?

It is a freeware font called "Downcome". You will find it by clicking the related link below.

How do you burn a video clip on the computer to a DVD?

* There are numerous video-to-DVD transfer software programs on the market, like Nero and ULead. Some have a 30-day free trial with limitations, shareware and freeware. A good place to download software with which to transfer video to DVD is the website listed below (see link), which also gives you a site review as well as user ratings. * In addition, I'd like to point out that you also need a DVD writer drive connected to your computer system.

Where Can You Get A Free Library Software Freeware?

Click This Link And Download Free Light Software

If you want to create a freeware software website kinda like CNET or FileHippo do you have to contact the freeware developers and ask for permission to link their software from their downloads page?

If you are just linking back to their download page then that should not be a problem as most will be grateful for the extra coverage. They would let you know and ask you to remove the link if they felt it was inappropriate.

Is Kalashnikov a good airsoft brand?

If you are looking for the Kalashnikov and want to read the reviews go to the link below.

How do you make a simple origami dragon?

There is a good-looking simple dragon at the "related link" listed below.

What is a good travel website to visit?

see related links I have also added a link, I hope you find what you are looking for!

How do you learn graffiti fonts?

Go to the free fonts section of . you may download any of the official Graffiti Fonts™ and use them for personal and limited commercial projects. This site features all of the the worlds top graffiti fonts including many exclusive graffiti fonts from Highground that can not be found anywhere else. Providing shareware/freeware graffiti, cutting edge and handwritten fontsavailable for download.I have provided a link to the site for you.

Are there articles on simple machines efficiency?

Looking at the Stirling Engine may be a good place to start. See the link below.

Looking for a good Asian dessert Anyone have a good recipe?

There are many. From custard tarts to deep fried watermelon- both Chinese. i added a link for Chinese deserts.

Who invented jetpacks?

The link has what you are looking for.

What is a good link to see an interview with British Open 2010 winner Louis Oosthuizen?

I saw a good interview on Yahoo! Sports. (See the Related link below.) I added a YouTube video of the interview - I hope this is what you were looking for! -Mr. Andy

Please answer What is the link to waddle chat?

See the related link - is that what you're looking for ?

How Can you get in touch to Jeremy Sumpter Or is it possible?

yes,you can contact Jeremy at the following link below: his very good looking!

What is a good link to see the commercial for potty training with an upside-down book?

Perhaps the one in related links is the one you are looking for.

Where can I buy tiki masks for a low price?

Check out Benson's Tiki Masks, which are really cheap and good looking. The link to the website is below.

How do you remote link to my home computer?

You can use Remote Desktop Sharing Programs Like Teamviewer, Logmein etc.These are freeware programs which you can easily download from internet.The other computer , with which you want to link to must also have the same program running.

How to find an old mailing address?

You don't say if you're looking for an old address for yourself or for someone else. If you are looking for old addresses for yourself, e-how has good instructions for that on the link below. If you are looking for an old address for someone else, the first place to start is to ask them. If that's not possible, try the ezine articles on the link below.