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I have a `00 blazer and recently my car started making a loud winding noise also. Come to find out I had to have a whole new transmission due to that noise!

The repair shop said that the noise is the first sign of the transmission going out!

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โˆ™ 2009-12-13 17:18:31
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Q: Loud winding noise up front in 99 Chevy blazer 4 wd?
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What could cause theKnocking noise front of 2001 Chevy blazer?

low on oil, crankshaft and bearings bad

What could a clicking noise be comingfrom behind the wheel in the front end of my 1996 Chevy Blazer?

Check the CV Boot

What could cause a Left front popping noise in 98 Chevy blazer?

A front popping on the left of a 98 Blazer could be the brakes, steering, or wheel bearing. Check all three to find the cause.

1998 Chevy blazer roaring noise quits when you slightly turn steering wheel to right?

Worn right front wheel bearing.

Loud clicking whining noise from bottom of 2000 Chevy Blazer?

when you try to start it then it's the starter.

1995 Chevy blazer 4x4 and it makes a humming noise in the front end while in 2 wd but goes away in 4wd?

It sounds like the auto hub's are not disengaging. Check the vacuum line on the front axle

How does a bad rotor sound on a 1995 Chevy blazer?

Rotor as in distributor? Shouldn't make any noise-good or bad; engine will miss. Rotor as in front wheel, should be taken to a tire store a measured by caliper. If your hearing noise in your front rotors, not a good idea to keep driving it like that.

Chevy blazer is making loud noise and not wanting to stop correctly is it the ball bearings?

Its not your bearings you idiot its your brakes. Take it in and have them replaced.

What causes excessive road noise on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer?

Front hubs my be wearing out.

When you turn your wheels to the right on your 1998 Chevy s10 blazer there is a creaking noise is it your shocks?

NO. More the likely the ball joints need to be greased.

Clunking in front wheel of Chevy Trailblazer?

Mine had a clicking noise and it turned out to be the front passanger side axle assembly.

Why does a Chevy S10 make a light winding noise when idling and the battery gauge drops when you let off the accelerator?

sounds like the alternator is going bad.

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