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Low pressure ac port?

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June 25, 2009 5:55PM

The low-pressure port usually has a blue or black dust cap and is located on the larger diameter metal tubing that runs between the evaporator (in the dashboard) and the compressor. To locate the low-pressure port: # Find the compressor. # Find large diameter metal tubing that leads from the compressor back to the fire wall. # Find port on this tube. Our quick-connect coupler should fit onto this port. To be sure, compare with the port on the other tube (smaller tube) that leads from the compressor to the condenser near the radiator. This port is larger and is the High Side port. Our quick-connect coupler will NOT fit on the High Side port. # Do not attempt to connect to the high side port as this can cause a can of refrigerant to explode. # Sometimes the low side port is on-or-near the compressor, sometimes it's on an accumulator near the firewall…not on the large diameter metal tube.