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Lump on your anus?

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problaby a mole, or you just have some disease. go see a doctor

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Does the lump have to be on the anus to be concerned?

It could be a polyp, anal skin tag or a pile lump. It needs to be checked by your Doctor.

What is the lump inside the back of your vagina behind your anus?

Coccix bone

Your dog has a red lump on the side of his anus What can it be?

where ever your dog has a lump you should all ways have it cheeked out by a vet , you owe them that much

How can I tell of my molly is pregnant She is getting slightly fatter and has a small white lump on her anus, is she diseased Thanks?

Sorry, here is the photo of my fish

How should between my vagina and anus feelSometimes on outside off my anus i can feel hardness.Its not a lump that sticks out and its not painfull and i dont have any other symptoms.what is it?


What is a pink lump on a dogs anus?

anal glands no doubt impacted, go to vet NOW

What is this lump on my anus?

I don't know, go to a qualified doctor and have it looked at if you really want to know.

Why do I have a lump directly besides my anus that doesn't hurt its about the size of a grape and under the skin im worried?

The most likely problem would be a hemorrhoid. These are generally nothing to worry about. However, any lump or abnormality needs to be checked out by your doctor.

The difference between male and female kittens?

Without getting too graphic, when inspecting the genitals of kittens, you will see eithertwo obvious holes on females, anus above cloaca, orone obvious hole and a small lump, anus above penis/testicles

Peas sized lump in vagina and pain on arousal and intercourse on the lower part dividing vagina and anus does any one know what this could be?

sebaceous cyst sebaceous cyst

What is a Lump the size of a pea between the scrotum and anus?

It could be a fatty deposit, or perhaps even a vericose vein. If it is still there after a week or 2, see your doctor as it could be something serious.

What is 'anus' when translated from English to French?

"Anus" in English is anus in French.

How do you spell anus in German?

Anus in German is der After (or der Anus)

What is the Urdu word for lump?


Who sings it's love love it's in your head?

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Is anus for mating?

The anus is not for mating.

Can you get pregnent from the anus?

You can not get pregnant from the anus.

Is an anus an extremity?

An anus is not an extremity.

Do Sloths have an anus?

Yes, they do have an anus.

Why is paddys chest a lump?

because he is a lump

What is a Lump on scalp behind ear?

what is the lump

What is the difference between swelling and lump?


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Does a hoot owl have a anus?

Yes AN owl has an anus. All birds and mammals have anus'.