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Clario Tech Limited the UK-based company present product MacKeeper, an award-winning system utility which includes a set of powerful maintenance features for Mac Optimization, Security, Data Control and Cleaning. So it is like 911 for your Mac.

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not in mac format windows is not made to work with macs

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How do you unlock the usb flash drive on MAC?

The USB flash drive on your MAC does not lock. To remove the USB drive just firmly hold it and gently pull from the socket. Flash drives are a very convenient way to save data from your hard drive.

How do you transfer photos from a disk to a Mac?

The Mac can read files of any type from any media that the PC can. If your Mac does not have a built in disk drive of the right type, buy a USB drive and plug it into a USB port on the Mac.

How do you open a USB root directory on a mac?

To open the root directory of a USB drive on a Mac you need to plug the USB drive into a USB socket and double click on its icon. The window that appears is the root directory. As you add other directories (known as folders on a Mac) they branch out from the root.

My keyboard is wired?

so plug it in to your USB drive on your mac or PC (for the mac keyboard)

How do you erase data on a USB memory stick using a Mac?

To erase a USB memory stick, using a MAC, use the application Disk Utility. With the USB stick inserted into the USB drive, highlight that stick from the list of drives. Then select erase. It will erase all of the files on the drive and reformat it. You can also use a program called Houdini 2, which will allow you to see hidden files, move, and erase them.

Can a Mac boot from a usb 2.0 Hard drive?

A recent Mac with an Intel processor can boot from a USB 2.0 Hard drive. Earlier Macs could only boot from a Firewire Hard drive. When you turn on the Mac hold down the Option (alt) key. This will cause the Mac to scan for all available bootable drives. Select the one you want to boot from and it will start up from that drive.

How do you boot from a USB Flash drive on a Mac?

If you have special software when you insert your usb key to Mac it allows you to access. Or yiou can actually protect you Mac with password(+usb key). If you are intrested in soft - ProteMac Logon Key is only i know.

Is there a usb portable hard drive that you can use with mac and PC computers?

yes durbrain

How do you displays properties when you click open for usb drive?

If you are asking how to see the properties of an USB Removable Disk Drive, you simply, on PC, go to "My Computer" then right click on the Removable Disk in which you are seeking information, further click "Properties." You may access the "Properties" on a Mac, which is simply called "More Info" on a Mac, by using "Control" then click on the Disk Drive and click "More Info."

How do you rename a USB Flash drive in Mac Lion?

Right click on the USB, click get info, go to the name box and type in the name you want.

What is a different name for a flash drive?

One common name for a flash drive is a thumb drive.Other names for a flash drive are:Chave USBClip driveCruzerData stickDisk on keyFireWireFlash keyFlash memory driveFlashdiskFlashdriveHandy driveJump DriveJunk DriveKey driveKeychain driveMemory keyPen and thumb drivePen drivePen usbPiripichoPocket driveSanDisk CruzerSanDisk Cruzer MicroShot BrotSot BrotStick driveSuicide DriveThumb DriveUSB Flash DriveUSB KeyUSB KeydriveUSB Pen DriveUSB StickUSB data stickUSB diskUSB flash diskUSB flash drivesUSB flash memoryUSB flash memory driveUSB fobUSB key driveUSB key playerUSB keysUSB memoryUSB memory keyUSB memory stickUSB pen driveUSB stickUSB thumb driveVault drivesZipstickŜot Brot

Can you use a Toshiba External Hard drive on a MacBook?

Toshiba hard drives, as are most USB 2 drives, are fully compatible with Mac OS X. (See links below)

How do you charge an mp4 without a charger?

take the usb drive out of the charger plug it in a mac of pc or laptop and enjoy

How do you run an operating system solely from a usb flash drive?

Please see the related link below for an example of running ubuntu Linux from a usb flash drive. Linux is installed on the usb drive allowing you to boot directly from it.

How do you recover a file from a USB drive without the USB drive?

I don't believe you can recover a file from a USB drive if you don't have the USB drive. I keep backups of the files.

How do you get music on a USB drive?

On a PC, you first press 'start'. Then, open up the removable disk under 'computer' (either drive g or drive h). Then, drage the file you want onto the drive. on a mac, just take your music file and drag it to the usb icon on your desktop.

How do you save files to a USB Flash drive?

see related link

Why is your flash drive not being recognized on your mac?

There are many reasons why your USB flash drive may be not recognised by your Mac, one of the following may apply; - Incorrectly formatted flash drive - Damaged flash module - Corrupted data - USB flash drive detection disabled on your account You should try and use your flash drive on another computer to see if the problem lies with the flash drive, or your Mac. If the flash drive works on another computer, you should check your system permissions, contact your system administrator, or check that the actual flash drive isn't being detected using Disk Utility. If the flash drive does not work on another computer (try both Windows and Mac OS computers), the problem most likely lies in the flash drive itself and should probably be repaired and/or replaced.

How do you transfer files to a USB Flash drive on Mac OS X?

You can do this a few different ways: 1. You can drag the files onto the USB Flash Drive image, which will be located on your Desktop; 2. You can open the USB Flash Drive and drag files into its window; 3. You can open the folder your files are in, then drag the files onto the USB Flash Drive image located in the "Devices" section in the Finder window.

What does the MacBook Air super drive do?

The Macbook air super drive is an external cd drive that is powered by the mac book air usb The Macbook air doesn't come with a cd drive internally

What is the benefit of USB drive data recovery?

The benefit of USB drive data recovery is that you can retrieve your lost data. If your USB Data, USB flash drive, or external USB drive is not recognized, is badly damaged, or broken, USB drive data recovery can retrieve the lost data.

How do you transfer your photos from your galaxy s 2 skyrocket to your mac?

There's a few ways you could go about this. The easier way (in my opinion) is to use the AirDroid app (free), which in essence you can see your Android device's files in the cloud without a need for using a USB connection. Both the Mac desktop/laptop and the phone have to be running on the same internet provider for it to work. The other way is to connect the phone to the Mac via a USB. When connected, you will see a USB icon. Pull the dropdown, then tap the USB notification, then choose "Turn on USB Storage". The Android device should then show as an external drive on the desktop. If this does not work, you can also download the Android File Transfer app (see Related Links), and once installed in your Mac, you can move files to/from both devices (up to 4 gb), as well as delete files.

How does one use a flash memory drive for a mac that has no flash memory drive slot?

One would need to buy a USB Flash card reader. they are cheap enough. dont forget to look for a "compatible with MAC" Logo.

How do you transfer music onto a usb from a mac?

Go to the folder in which the music is stored on the mac, then open the usb folder. Click and drag the wanted music into the usb folder.

What is another name for USB flash drive?

USB Thumb Drive