Main Chinese languages

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The standard language in China is Mandarin, though other regional languages such as Cantonese, Wu, Hakka, Xiang and Gan are also spoken by millions of Chinese people around the world.

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Q: Main Chinese languages
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What are the two main two chinese languages?

Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese

What are 2 main Chinese languages?

Cantonese and Mandarin.

What does common languages mean?

main languages e.g. english, chinese, french etc.

Is mandarin and Chinese China's main languages?

Mandarin is spoken over 70% of Chinese people, and Chinese is not a language.

What are the three main languages in south Asia?

Chinese, Japanese, and English

What are the top three languages in the world?

the three main top languages in the world are English Chinese and Spanish in that order.

What languages do Chinese people speak except for Chinese?

They speak many, but here are the main languages: Mongol, Tibetan, Chinese, and Manchurian

How many languages exist in the US?

Techically, the U.S doesn't have an offical language, but English is the most commonly spoken. Other main languages of the U.S are Spanish, Chinese, and French. Because of the number of migrants to the U.S, dozens of languages exist ranging from Russian to Portugese, though only English, Spanish, Chinese, and French serve as the main languages of the U.S35

How do how are you in Hong Cong?

The main languages in Hong Kong are Cantonese Chinese and English. In Cantonese "How Are You?" is "Ni How Maa".

What is the main language in Christmas island?

English is the official language, but Chinese languages and Malay are also spoken

What are the worlds 8 main languages?

1.English 2.French 3.Spanish 4.Russian 5.Arabic 6.Chinese 7.German 8.Japanese these are the 8 main languages. Have Fun!

What are the main languages of China?

The main languages of China are Mandarin Chinese (by far the most common, the one normally taught in foreign countries), Wu (Shanghainese), Cantonese (Hong Kong) and Min (Southeast China).

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