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before you log in sign up for facebook x

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How do you add people on Facebook if they block as?

Make a new facebook account, if he often blocks you, make new accounts.

How do you make a new game n yoville?

Make a new Facebook/MySpace account.

Can you make a new account on YoVille without deleting your old one?

make a new facebook or my space account and u get a new yoville account with it with 16yocash to start with

How can sartedyoville allover?

Make a new Facebook/MySpace account.

How do you make facebooke account?

go to facebook homepage and there you will have the option for creating new account.

How do you make another account on our Facebook?

make another with a different name, but you will have to have another email to go with the new account.

How do you set up multiple Facebook accounts?

You could make a new email account so that you can make a new Facebook account too. You can't have more than one on the same email address.

How do you make a new facebook account?

well you can make a new one but you can not delete your old one.....you would just sighn up for a new facebook but you have to use a different email

How do you make a new account on FarmVille?

You cant make a totally new accoutn on FarmVille, unless you make a new account for FaceBook. you can change your person if you like by clicking on it and modifying its character.....

What do I do when Facebook says my account is expired?

When your Facebook account is expired, you will either have to create a new account.

How do you make a new Facebook account after you deleted yours?

You do exactly what you did to get the first one.

Somebody has changed your Facebook password and email account how do you get back on to your Facebook to chat to your frinds?

You can make a new account or go 2 facebook type in ur username click on forgot password and a new password will be sent to your email.

How do you get a new account on Facebook?

You have to sign up on Facebook website to create a new account on this social networking platform.

What do you do if Facebook doesn't let you in?

If Facebook dosent let you in and says try again later then that tells you that you have to make a new account .....

How do you unlink your mafiawarscom account from Facebook?

I used to play Mafiawars on Myspace before they moved it to Mafiawars.com. Then I linked it to an old Facebook account. I want to unlink it and link it to my new Facebook account. Is there a way to do that? I also already have a mafiawars account on my new Facebook. Please tell me there is still a way to get the old mafiawars account onto my new Facebook regardless of the circumstances.

How do you change your birth date on Facebook?

Well you can't really... Make a new account

How do you make a fb vip account?

how to make a facebook vip account

How we make id or account in Facebook?

To make an account in Facebook, you first need to go to the Facebook website. You then just go to the box that says create account and put in your email address.

Do you have to have Facebook to make an account on answerscom to sign up?

You do now. When I first joined, there was no requirement to have a facebook account. This has since been changed so that all new users must sign up with their facebook ID.

How do you make a Facebook?

Go to Create Account on the Facebook website.

Facebook Texas holdem name change?

If playing the GameDesire version, create a new account on their website, then donate all chips from facebook account to new account name BEFORE you merge your new account and facebook account, otherwise you will LOSE ALL CHIPS.....then merge both accounts on their website, and then your new username will be used on the facebook app as well as their site itself

How can I make it so Facebook posts don't show up on my yahoo account?

disconnect your yahoo account from your Facebook account.

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