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How to give password reset code send to Gmail account when your facebook as well as Gmail account has been hacked?

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Make a new gmail account then have facebook send it to your new account.

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How do you unhack your Gmail account?

If your account has been hacked, you should report it. You cannot unhack it unless you know the hacked password. You should create a new account after that.

What to do when your Gmail account gets hacked?

You can try and put the same ID and password. If it opens, you have to change your password as soon as possible. If it doesn't report that ID has been hacked.

How do you recover my facebook password?

You can recover your Facebook password through your Email ID which has been integrated with the FB account i.e Gmail or Hotmail.

How do you find someone's facebook password with there gmail password?

You cannot find the password with Gmail password. Gmail only shows the various notifications that Facebook receives. It never stores the passwords anywhere.

I have linked Gmail to my facebook account but I cannot access facebook using Gmail How can I access it?

You cannot access Facebook account using Gmail. You have to use it using the Facebook site only. Gmail is just for confirming the account.

How do you get to Gmail account without password?

You cannot get to Gmail account without password. A password is the key to the lock. It is the thing which secures a Google account.

Will your Facebook account be deleted if you delete your Gmail account?

No it won't. Gmail is from Google, which is a separate company to Facebook, and so there is no connection when deleting a Gmail account.

How can you delete your facebook account using Gmail account?

No, you can't delete Facebook using Gmail. To delete Facebook, you have to go on their website. Gmail just is an interface.

How do you switch your password on Gmail?

You can easily change your password on Gmail. The password is like the key to Gmail account. You can change it in the settings.

How can you retrieve your Gmail account?

You can retrieve the Gmail account by logging in with password. The password is like the key to a lock in Gmail. You can easily open the lock via a key.

How do you get your gmail to connect with facebook?

You can create a Facebook account via Gmail. This links Gmail to connect with Facebook. The mails that you receive from Facebook are on this mail.

How do you apply password to Gmail app?

A Gmail account is formed with a password only. You can't create an account without a password. You can also change it later on.

How do you know the password of agmail account?

Everyone's gmail account password is different !

How do you disable facebook from Gmail account?

You cannot disable Facebook from Gmail directly. You have to go to Facebook to disable it. Gmail just acts as forwarding messages of Facebook.

How do you find Gmail password?

The Gmail password should not be hacked. It is against the rules and regulations of Google Mail. You can face legal charges on hacking one.

How can you get Gmail Passwords?

You should have the password of your own GMail account and it is not possible to get the password of other people's GMail account.AdditionallyIf you forgot your own Google Password then you can visit Google Account Recovery web page and enter another e-mail associated with your account.

How do you stop Gmail from remembering your password?

There is nothing that you can do about it. It is impossible. If GMail forgets your password, you will never be able to access your GMail account again.

How do you get your Gmail account back?

Gmail account could be seen by putting the ID and password. This ID and password is the reason why Gmail is secure. Each user has a unique combination of both.

How do you confirm Facebook account from Gmail?

Open your GMail account, then open the e-mail from Facebook and click on the link given in the e-mail.

How can you see changed pass on facebook in Gmail?

You can know the changed password on Gmail. There is a notification that the password has changed. However you cannot see the changed password.

How do you hack your gmail account after it was hacked and you need to get back into it?

There is no need to try to "hack" your own account. To get back an account that you owned all you must do is follow the reset password phase and get a password via the backup method you selected when registering either by a secondary email or phone. If you did not setup a backup method, then it is unlikely you will recover the account as there is no customer support for gmail accounts.

How can you access the another Gmail account?

You can access any Gmail account with a password and ID. The ID on the mail is a unique identification. The ID is the lock and password is the key of account.

Somebody hacked into my youtube account?

well that happened to me, and it still is, i would call gmail or whatever email u have, and utube account and call and ask who changed ur password and get it back

How do you get someone's Facebook password using there gmail password?

Facebook's passwords are not accessible via Gmail. Gmail does not store passwords anywhere. The most it does is receive notifications.

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