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Manila based Feltman clothing company?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-27 03:45:48

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no, sorry i have no asnwers thanks you..............

2007-06-27 03:45:48
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Q: Manila based Feltman clothing company?
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Who is Sandals cay clothing manufacturer and what is their quality?

They are low end clothing company based out of Bangkok.

What is a US based clothing company founded in 1889?


Is burberry french?

nope its a British based clothing company. It's London

What is the population of Manila based on the 2007 census?

Based on the 2007 Census of Population, Manila City has a population of 1,660,714.About 1.6 million in city.

How is Bench clothing company in the UK associated with the Bench clothing company in the Philippines?

Not at all. Bench., note the full stop, is a UK based, street inspired urban clothing and apparel company with it's roots based in BMX and Skateboarding. Bench., has close links with dance an music festivals such as Ibiza rocks. Bench., is based in Manchester in the North West of England yet is a global brand trading in 28 countries. Bench Philippines is none of these things..

Where is the jean company Cheap Monday based?

The jean company Cheap Monday is based in Sweden. They seem to be most popular in Australia. Their jeans and clothing can be found at Urban Outfitters and Barney's New York.

What company prints affliction shirts?

Affliction shirts are made by Affliction Clothing. They are based in Seal Beach, California and carry clothing in men's, women's, and kids sizes.

Where are lonsdale bags made?

The Lonsdale company is based in London. The bags and clothing are likely made in India or Bangladesh.

What type of coat is an Abercrombie?

An Abercrombie is not a type of coat but rather a clothing company that sells a variety of clothing options. There are many coats available through Abercrombie and they can be purchased based on personal preference.

Where is the Cebu Pacific Air airline based?

Cebu Pacific Air airline is based on the grounds of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City, Metro Manila, and the Philippines. This company is also known as Cebu Air Inc.

Who is the founder of the clothing company True Religion?

True Religion Apparel was founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell. He was the CEO of the California-based company until March 2013, when he announced he was stepping down from his post and leaving the company.

Where is the Toyota company based?

Toyota is a company based in Japan.

Nestle is company based in?

The company is based in Switzerland-Europe

Lovell Rugby is of what nationality?

Lovell Rugby is not a person. It is a United Kingdom based company with a website that sells rugby clothing and equipment, as well as uniforms and boots.

In what city is Southpole clothing based from?

Southpole clothing is based from Industry, California. Many other companies are based in California. It is a good place for anyone to start up their own business.

What is the best company to ship Balikbayan Boxes from Tennessee to Luzon?

Manila Forwarder is a good company. I'm an agent with them based in Charlotte, NC but they don't have an agent in TN. If you can get your boxes to Charlotte I can ship them for you. Otherwise, check with LBC. - Tim Troutman Philippine Aid Society

What is John Lewiss Partnership?

The John Lewis Partnership is a company from which one can buy everything from clothing to equipment for the house and garden. The Partnership is based in the UK, but will ship worldwide.

Where is Manitowoc Company Inc based?

Manitowoc Company Inc is based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Where is Trammell Crow Company based?

Trammell Crow Company is based in Dallas, Texas

Which New York City-based entrepreneur created a line of hats that eventually became a successful clothing company?

Daymond John First time answering :D

Where can you buy clothing from Italy online?

You should proably find an Italian based brand of clothing you like.

Who owns the Juicy Jewelry company?

The Juicy Jewelry company is owned by Juice Couture. Juicy Couture are a fashion house that produce handbags, clothing, jewelry including watches and other fashion based items.

Aricent is US based company or Indian Company?

Aricent is based in New Jersy, USA

Is the Land Tejas Company based in Texas?

The Land Tejas Company is based in Houston, Texas

What city is the Land Tejas Company based in?

The Land Tejas Company is based in Houston, Texas