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Into the aquifer

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Q: Many people get their water from groundwater through wells that have been drilled into the?
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What is most groundwater used for?

it is used for drinking water supply through drilled boreholes

What does groundwater descend through?

Groundwater Desends through the Water Table.

What is tapping groundwater?

The extration of ground water, commonly via a bore hole drilled into an aquifer is called Tapping groundwater. It is a process in which a pipe and a pump is used to pull water out of the ground.

What is the relationship between groundwater and the hydro logic cycle?

groundwater is dependent on the hydro-logic cycle. Water seeps to the surface and until it reaches an impermeable stratum. it then collects and can be drilled for use. If this cycle is broken the water table decreases.

What type of water percolates through the soil?


What is the difference between throughflow and groundwater flow?

Through flow is the horizontal movement of water through the soil zone. Groundwater flow is the movement of water through the bedrock, which is typically an aquifer

Why isn't well water muddy?

When the well is drilled, it is dug or drilled through the water-sand, and as the water flows into the well from the sand, it is cleaned by the sand, which acts as a filter.

Layer of rock that allows water to flow through?

What is Groundwater.

How is groundwater form?

When water percolates down through the soil

How is groundwater formed?

When water percolates down through the soil

Groundwater is stored in and moves slowly through permeable rock called aquifers . in what zone is groundwater located?

Groundwater that is not otherwise fossil groundwater forms part of the "water table".

How do cities get their water?

Through pipe systems; most of city water comes from groundwater compartments, called aquifers, which people retrieve using wells.

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