Many working women lost their jobs after World War 2 because?

WWII GI's were being released from the service, and went after jobs. At the time it was commonly thought that a woman's place was in the home and the man should be the breadwinner.

Women had been hired during WWII because there were not enough men to do the work, especially with so many men in the armed forces fighting overseas, and increased pressure to increase wartime production in factories. So thousands joined the workforce for the first time, often doing hard physical jobs in wartime factories, leading to the figure of "Rosie the Riveter".

BUT, when the soldiers returned after the war, the old conventions were again followed, with women being fired and returning GI's being hired in their place. After all, women may 'want' to work, but the men NEEDED to work to be the breadwinners in their post-WWII families.

Note I do not agree with those attitudes or actions, but that is what lead to many women becoming unemployed after the war. ... or so I have read and been told.

Paul H.