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Q: Marks are used in which country?
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What rules apply to quotation marks inside punctuation marks?

The same punctuation is used inside of quotation marks as is used outside of quotation marks.

Can mometasone used for burn marks?

Yes, mometasone can be used to burn the marks.

What marks used on a figure to indicate congruent angles?

marks used on a figure to indicate congruent

Can Apostrophes and quotation marks can be used interchangeably?

Apostrophes and quotation marks can be used interchangeably.

What country did the last name marks come from?


What country are posta romana stamps from?

Romania is the country that marks their stamps posta romano.

Marks used on a figure to indicate congruent angles?

Arc Marks

What do you not put in quotation marks?

Quotation marks should not be used when blockquoting.

Which punctuation marks is used to link independent clauses?

A semicolon can be used to link independent clauses when they are closely related in meaning. This punctuation mark helps to show a stronger connection between the clauses than a period but a lesser connection than a conjunction like "and" or "but".

When should quotation marks be used in a sentence?

In which sentence are quotation marks used incorrectly? Ans: Sentence 10

What are puntuation marks?

Punctuation marks are marks used in English language to clarify the true meaning of the sentences or to structure and organize the sentences.

What does the starter say at the start of a cross country race?

At just about every official cross country meet I've been to it's either On your marks, get set, then the gun, or just Runners take your marks, then the gun.