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#include #include #include class student { int roll; char name[25]; char add [25]; char *city; public: student() { cout<<"welcome in the student information system"<\n enter the student roll no."; cin>>roll; cout<<"\n enter the student name"; cin>>name; cout<<\n enter ther student address"; cin>>add; cout<<"\n enter the student city"; cin>>city; } void putdata() { cout<,"\n the student roll no:"<>sub1: cout<<"\n enter the marks2:"; cin>>sub2; cout<<\n enter the marks3:"; cin>>sub3; } void output() { putdata(); cout<<"\n marks1:"<\nmarks2:"<\n marks3:"<\n tottal percentage"<\n2.output data"; cout<<\n3. Calculate percentage"; cout<<\n4.exit"; cout<<\n enter the choice"; cin>>ch; switch (ch) { case 1: m1.input(); count++; break; case2: m1.output(); break; case3: m1.calculate(); break; } } while (ch!=4); }

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