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In ancient Egypt they wore Tunics, usually made from linen

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Q: Material used for clothing in Egypt?
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What material was used for clothing in Egypt?


What common material used for levee construction?

what are common material used for clothing in Egypt.

What was the material used to make clothing in Egypt?

i believe the answer is linen

What are Ancient Egypt clothes made of?

The main material used for clothing in ancient Egypt was linen

How much did clothing cost in ancient Egypt?

The cost of clothing in ancient Egypt varied just like it does today. It depended on who made the clothing and what the material was made of.

What material did the ancient Egyptians use for clothing?

The ancient Egyptians used Linen made from flax as clothing material.In ancient Egypt clothing was made from cotton, linen, leather, wool (though the Pharaohs considered animal hair unclean so they had very little wool).

Common material used for clothing in Egypt?

toga i think if not im sorry im working on the daily life of workers crossword puzzle

What other types of material can be used for outdoor clothing?

Wool is a good material for outdoor clothing (for warmth).

Where is cotton used?

it was used in Egypt and was 1st used 4 clothing

What materials was used for all the clothing in Egypt?


What was applique used for in ancient Egypt and India?


What material was used for all of the clothing in ancient Egypt?

Linen, which is made from the flax plant.It is a plant having small leaves, blue flowers and stems, and growing about two feet tall.wool, cotton, and linen were used to make clothes in egypt

What meterial was used for clothing in egypt?


With what material are Patagonia Down clothing insulated?

The material that is used in Patagonia Down clothing is feathers. These articles of clothing can withstand severe weather conditions, and protect the owner from frigid environments.

What they used to wrap mummies in ancient Egypt?

They used a material called linen.

How did they transport the material of bricks to Egypt?

they used logs to roll them

What material did the American colonists use to make clothing?

The colonists used wool and linen to make their clothing.

What are some good questions to ask about ancient Egypt clothing?

some good questions would be to ask are what was the material made out of

What material was used for writing purposes in Egypt?

The material that was used for writing purposes in Egypt was the Papyrus stalk. Strips were cut and glued together with Nile water. They were then cross layered and dried in the sun.

What is the Primary material used by the natives of the northwest coast and Alaska?

primary material for what? clothing, tools, etc.?

What are advantages and disadvantages of linen?

Linen clothing helps the wearer stay cool in high temperatures; this made it a favorite clothing material in Egypt. It is difficult to remove wrinkles from linen fabric.

What materials were used to make clothing in ancient Egypt?


Which country does applique originate from?

Applique orginated in ancient egypt when they used it there linen clothing.

Cotton is frequently used as a material in clothing what is special about it?

Black people pick it

Is wool a raw material?

Wool is considered to be a raw material. It is derived from sheep and is used for the manufacture of various clothing items.