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Math tell whether the ordered pair is a solution of the equation?


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The idea is to replace one variable in the equation by the first number in the ordered pair, the other variable with the second number in the ordered pair, do the calculations, and see whether the resulting expressions are indeed equal.


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Depends on the type of math problem. there's usually an equation to see if there is a solution or not.

Equations that have the same solution.

There is no real answer to the equation given.

The set of all the solutions of an equation or condition

If you mean for a math problem, after coming up with a solution you should usually check the solution in the original equation, to be safe.

There is no "most advanced" math equation, just as you can never count to "infinity".The equation eipi + 1 = 0is certainly an amazing relationship.(e is 2.7828 ... , i is the solution to i2 = -1, and pi is 3.14159 ...)

In an equation an answer that can be substituted for a variable that makes the equation true. Wich is a answer for any tipe of proumblem (ex. 6x2=12)

is a set of all replacements that make an equation time in mathematics solution set is set of values which satisfies a given equation. For solving solutions you can get help from online Find Math Solutions.

You have one equation in two unknowns. There is no solution possible without a second (independent) equation in the same two unknowns.

It means that you can validate the solution by verifying the answer. The answer of 19 for the equation of 47 - 28 = n, is reasonable because 28 + 19 = 47. If the equation is more difficult, showing your work every step along the way to the answer. Just show your work in detail and then checking your solution makes the answer of the math equation reasonable.

a set is a collection of data, usually referred to as the 'solution set' of a problem, basically all the numbers that give answers that satisfy the equation.

The answer to this equation would be 5. This is a math problem.

I could not figure out the math equation. The new data did not fit the existing equation. An equation can be a math formula or standard method.

Present your answer with units. Double-check that your answer satisfies the equation. apex? -fojus

The answer to this equation is the number 99. This is taught in high school math.

C ; solution means the answer to an addition problem in math .

A math equation uses variables and numbers, while a chemical equation uses compounds and mole ratios.

The product is the answer to a multiplication equation.

It depends whether it is a subtraction, mulitplication, addition, or division problem.

The question contains an expression, not an equation nor inequality. An expression cannot have a solution.

Yes there is a equation. But it is not a Mathematical equation. It is physical.

Without an equality sign the given expression is not an equation and so therefore a solution is not possible.

Never Ending Math Equation was created on 1998-05-05.

An equation may have zero, one, or more solutions (this is also true for a system of equations). The equation 2 + x = 5 has only solution, for example. x can only equal 3, so there is one solution. (An example of an equation with more that one solution is x2 = 4. In this case x can equal 2 or -2, so this equation has two solutions. An example of an equation with an infinite number of solutions is x + 6 = 3*2 + x. x can equal any number to make this equation true, so it has an infinite number of solutions. The equation x = x + 1 is an example of an equation with no solutions.)

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