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Q: May you can know what the cheats code of silent hill 1 mobile by konami?
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Silent scope konami error code 11p?

Error 11-P on the Konami Hornet hardware essentially means the NV ram of the board is corrupted and needs replaced. Hope this helped!

Nintendo knows that the konami code is?

Yes, practically anyone that has touched a classic video game knows what the Konami Code is. Also Konami released many games for the NES that used the Konami Code such as Contra.

How do you beat riddle 5?

Use the konami code

What happens when you put the konami code on Facebook?

Putting the konami code on Facebook, followed by Enter and right click enables alens flare effect when clicking, typing or scrolling.

Is the Konami Code in Snake Eater?

Yes. It's UUDDLRLRBA as usual

What is the konami code?

it is a code that appeared in many games by konami. the konami code is as following: up-button up-button down-button down-button left-button right-button left-button right-button B-button A-button this code will usually give you 999 lives, all the powerups, or anything else in most games.

What is the contra code?

The Contra Code, also known as the Konami Code, is used in most konami games, and is Up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A, then start or select, depending on what game it is. for Contra, It would be start

Is ActiveX a Mobile code?

s ActiveX a Mobile code

What are the release dates for The Silent Code - 1935?

The Silent Code - 1935 was released on: USA: November 1935

What are the ratings and certificates for The Silent Code - 1935?

The Silent Code - 1935 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

What is the code for black luster soldier?

There is no card code for that card. i don't know why Konami made it that way, but that is how the card is made, with no code. Happy to help! -YP

Cheats for spectrobes?

Google spectrobes code cards and you get the cheats.

What the code for silent magician?


What is the cheat code for Wreck-It Ralph?

The Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) will get you some wallpapers.

Cheats for motorush?

the code is score

What is the code for saving with cheats on smbx?


What is the code for mobile to Ireland from India?

The Irish code is 00353 and then you drop the first number of the area code/mobile code, which will be a 0

What is the master reset code for samsung mobile gt s3310i?

mobile master code

How do you find a mep code for a blackberry?

You can get MEP code for your Blackberry mobile from

What is the t mobile unlock code?

Q Motorola T- mobile special code

What is the refresh code of Nokia mobile?

mobile refresh

What is mean by mobile pin code?

mobile pin

What is the airport code for Mobile Regional Airport?

The airport code for Mobile Regional Airport is MOB.

What is the airport code for Mobile Downtown Airport?

The airport code for Mobile Downtown Airport is BFM.

What are the Lego mission to Mars cheats?

The code 'moneypenny' is for all of the cheats, except test mode. The code for test mode is 'beeblebrox'.