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Q: Mel Ferrer starred in a movie called Fraulein is it available on DVD?
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What are women from Germany called?

If they are unmarried they are called Fraulein and married Frau.

What were Audrey Hepburn's grandchildren called?

Audrey Hepburn had 5 grandchildren. Some of their names are:Emma Kathleen Ferrer - whom she got to meetSantiago FerrerGregorio Ferrer

When is judge Alex ferrer birthday?

Judge Alex Ferrer celebrates his birthday on October 18, 1960. He hosts his own television series that is called "Judge Alex."

Why is Steffi Graf called Fraulein forehand?

Simply because Steffi Graf had the most powerful forehand in women's tennis at the time.

Who starred in the first James Bond film?

Sean Connery starred in the first James Bond movie called Dr.No

Who starred in the movie called Fatal Beauty?

The 1987 movie Fatal Beauty starred Whoopi Goldberg and Sam Elliott.

Glenn Close starred in a TV show called?


Jamie Lee Curtis starred in A Called Wanda?


Adam Sandlers production company is called?

Adam Sandler's production company is called "Happy Madison." Happy for the movie he starred in intittled "Happy Gilmore." And, madison for the other movie he starred in called, "Billy Madison."

What animal starred in a TV show called Lassie?

A collie dog.

What is the name of the western that Bill Cosby starred in?

It was called "Man and Boy"

Rock Hudson starred in a TV show called McMillan and?


What 1968 movie was called The Head?

The Monkees starred in "Head" (1968).

What was the skeleton who starred in the night before Christmas called?

Jack skelington

How did drake the rapper become famous?

Drake starred on a Canadian television show called "Degrassi: The Next Generation". He starred as Jimmy Brooks.

What is the name of the movie Drew Seeley recently starred in?

He starred with Selena Gomez from "Wizards of Waverly Place" in a movie called "Another Cinderella Story."

What sitcom starred Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey?

The sitcom also starred Leslie Ash and was called Men Behaving Badly

What movies has Bing Crosby starred in?

One musical that Bing Crosby has starred in is called "High Society" featuring Frank Sinatra AND Grace Kelly.

Who starred in the movie called Black Night?

Martin Lawrence starred as Skywalker in Black Night, and Marsha Thomason starred as Nicole. Other cast include Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Conway and Tom Regan.

Who is ruby Garcia?

She is singer/composer she starred in a documentary called the perfect storm

Whitney Houston starred in a movie called?

the bodyguard Oodles Answer: The Preacher's Wife

Ann Jillian starred in an '80s sitcom called Slept Here?


What movie did Eminem star in 2002?

He starred in the movie called 8 Mile.

Who starred in the cartoon called steamboat willie and his name was mortimer?

Mickey Mouse .

Who starred in the movie called Dead Silence?

Ryan Kwanten and Amber Valletta starred in the 2007 movie Dead Silence. The movie also starred Donnie Whalberg, Michael Fairman, Bob Gunton and Laura Regan.