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What are three things that melting rock depends on?

temperature, pressure, and pressure of fluid in rock

What are the factor that affect the melting of rock?

The temperature of melting of rock depends on the chemical and mineralogical composition of the rock. Melting of rocks is complex and to understand it you need to know about eutectics and partial melts.

What has a higher melting point rock or steel?

It depends upon nature of rock.

Three factors that affect the melting of rock?

Fluid,Temp.,and Pressure

What three things can happen to a sedimentary rock in the rock cycle?

erosion and weathering heat and pressure melting and solidification

How hot do rocks have to be to melt?

It depends on the rock. Different minerals have different melting points.

What is the melting temperature of magma?

It depends on the rock type- different rock types have different melting temperatures (magma is molten rock) ie the rock called peridotite melts to produce basaltic magma. Other types of magma include rhyolitic and andesitic, which each come from different types of rock. And also it depends on the pressure at which the rock/magma is held at ie the deeper you go down into the earth, the higher a temperature would need to be to induce melting. It is too complicated to just say all magma has the same melting temperature, sorry.

What causes melting of material under divergent plate boundaries Is it melting of rock recompression of rock freezing of rock or decompression of rock?

decompression of rock

What does melting do to a igneous rock?

Melting causes an igneous rock to form into lava/magma.

Rock begins to melt when?

When the temperature reaches the lowest melting point of the mineral or minerals of which the rock is made.That depends entirely on what type of rock you have, and what it's made up of. Different substances have different melting points. Igneous rock has the highest, which means they don't melt easily. You'd have to know what types of materials are in the rock and look up their respective melting points in a chemistry book, or online. There is no one single answer to your question.

How do you melt rock?

There are three ways to melt rock to form lavas. You can use decompression, add volatiles, or conduction. All you need to do is use these strategies to get the rock to its melting point.

How does water affect the melting temperature of rock at a convergent boundry?

Water reduces the melting point of rock.

The melting of metamorphic or igneous rock forms what substance?

The melting of metamorphic or igneous rock forms magma.

What is melting rock?

I'm not sure if you mean melting rock or meltedrock, but melted rock is called lava, and if you knew what lava was, now you know what it really is!

Does metamorphism usually involve melting?

Rock metamorphism does not involve melting and cooling from melt. A rock that has melted can only become an igneous rock.

The three factors that affect whether rocks melts?

Mineral composition of the rock, and the temperature and pressure it is exposed to, would determine the melting point of a particular rock.

What rock needs melting then cooling?

An igneous rock

Can you liquefy a rock?

Yes. Rock can be liquified by raising its temperature to that of the melting point of the mineral constituent with the highest melting point.

What stage in the rock cycleis between metamorphic rock and igneous rock?


What stage in the rock cycle is between metamorphic rock and igneous rock?


What causes to a sedimentary rock or a metamorphic rock that turn into an igneous rock?


How does a metamorphic rock become an igneous rock?

by melting and cooling

How does a sedimentary rock become a igneous rock?

By melting, then solidifying.

How does a sedimentary rock change into an igneous rock?

By melting and cooling

What kind of rock changes to magma after melting?

metamorphic rock