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Yes, it is true that a sponsor is a member of Congress who is willing to introduce and back the legislation.

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Q: Member of Congress willing to introduce and back legislation?
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Can introduce a bill into Congress?

A Member of Congress

Who can introduce a bill to be consider in congress?

member of congress

Why can only a member of congress introduce a law?

Because he's the member of the congress

Who can introduce a law to Congress?

In a state - any member of the State Legislature. In the Congress - any member of the Representative or Senator.

Who can introduce a law in the house or the senate?

Any member of Congress can introduce a bill in their respective House.

What can only a member of congress do?

Only a member of Congress can propose and introduce legislation, vote on bills and resolutions, serve on committees, participate in congressional hearings, and represent their constituents by advocating for their interests and concerns to other lawmakers, government officials, and the public.

What is a piece of legislation proposed by a member of Congress is called?

It is called a Hopper.

Who writes the bills for congress?

While only a member of Congress can introduce a bill for consideration, anyone can write the bill itself. Private citizens and advocacy groups often write the initial drafts of legislative proposals they wish Congress to consider. Lobbyists write a substantial proportion of these proposals. The writer then presents the bill to a member of Congress (Senator or Representative) who is sympathetic to the goals of the proposed legislation. The member or his or her staff may make changes to the draft before introducing it. Occasionally, members or their staffs will draft legislation themselves.

True or false Any member of Congress may introduce a bill of revenue?


If a president cannot propose a bill how did Obama propose the health care bill?

Bills must be introduced by members of Congress (and, in the case of bills requiring expenditures, by members of the House of Representatives). The President must persuade a member of Congress to introduce any legislation that the President wants.

Why is it that only a member of congress can porpose and introduce a bill into the congress in either the house of representatives and or the senate?

Anyone can write, draft a bill. But only a member of congress can sponsor the bill. The bill must be sponsored by a member before it can go to the floor for debate.

Who can write a proposed bill?

Anyone can write up, or draft a bill, but only a member of Congress can introduce it