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"Treason, felony, and breach of the peace."

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Members of Congress may be arrested while attending Congressional sessions only for treason, felony or breach of peace pursuant to Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution.

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They can not be arrested but they can be only be arrested for more serious crimes

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Q: Members of Congress can be arrested for serious crimes while Congress is in session?
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Can congress be arrested for serious crimes while Congress if you session?

While Congress is in session why can't they get arrested easily

When can a congressperson be arrested?

When they violate the law like anyone else.Added: The only time they are immune from arrest is when Congress is in session and they are actually on the floor of their respective chamber (House or Senate).

A session of congress when both member of both houses meet together?

Joint session

What session of congress is in?

The 111th Congress. Members of the new 112th Congress elected in the November 2010 general election will begin session in January 2011.

Does each session of Congress has a set number of days in which it is in session?

until it's members die

Can a representative member be arrested for civil crimes while they are meeting at the house?


Can a member of congress be arrested on capitol hill?

No. Under law, he can only be "arrested" if he has committed treason, a felony, or a breach of the peace. For any other crime, he can only be arrested when he returns home from a session. As long as he stays in the Congressional chambers, he cannot be removed. Once Congress adjourns, he can be arrested and prosecuted on any charge.

Can members of congress be arrested?

If they are on their way to a vote. Patrick Kennedy tried this a little while back.

What three ways a congressman can be arrested while congress is in session?

A Congressman can be arrested for any crime he commits. The only immunity a Congressman has is freedom from arrest inside Congress or going to or coming from Congess if it is in session for charges other than treason, felony or breach of piece. So if there is a warrant out for his arrest he can stay in Congress while it is in session and be free from arrest. But the moment Congress adjourns he is fair game.

Members of Congress may give themselves a pay raise during the current session of Congress.?


Members of congress may give themselves a pay raise during the current session of congress?


Is it mandatory for all members of congress to attend a joint session of congress called by the president?

No- Congressmen do not have to attend. In fact, it is not unusual for opponents of the president to miss these session as a protest.