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Dual Inline Packages (DIPs), Pin Grid Arrays (PGAs), Single Inline Packages (SIPs), not certain about the last being defined as a "chip", but Single-inline memory modules (SIMMS).

I need to know the location in the computer of memory chips?

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Q: Memory chips in a computer system are referred to as?
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What companies manufacture computer memory chips?

There are many companies that manufacture computer memory chips. Examples of companies that manufacture computer memory chips includes Lexar and Kingston.

How do you read memory on computer?

Computer memory chips, or you can ask your local technician

Where was early computer information stored before memory chips were invented?

Before computer memory chips and memory sticks were invented, floppy discs were used.

Which element is used for manufacture of computer memory chips?

Silicon is used in computer chips.

What are chips made from?

Computer chips are made from silicon and sand that has a high quartz content. Computer chips help to store computer memory.

What are computer chips and what are some examples of chips in a computer?

Computer chips are I.C.s (Integrated Circuits) exaples of which are Memory (RAM Chips) CPU Processor, Video Chips.

What consists of nonvolatile memory chips that can be used for storage by the computer or the user?

Flash memory consists of nonvolatile memory chips that can be used for storage by the computer or the user. Flash memory was introduced in 1984.

How do the average memory chips in a computer work?

The average memory chips in a computer work by storing data temporarily and allowing faster access to programs than a hard drive. The speed allows for less disk requests and makes the system faster.

Computer processor chips are sometimes referred to as?


Poor-quality memory chips can cause?

Poor-quality memory chips can cause many problems in a computer. These include causing all kinds of errors like those in applications, hanging system errors, and GPF errors.

What is main memory of a computer made up of a set of memory chips called?

The Mother Board!

What do you mean by better memory?

In technology memory typically refers to computer memory/memory chips used in a whole range of electronic devices. Better memory typically refers to more memory. Your computer may have 1 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory). If you want your computer to work faster, one way out would be to have better (read more) memory. So you upgrade to 2 GB - and your computer would be faster. Over the years, the technology used to make memory chips has been changing is the type of memory chips. Generally the latest being better, If you wish to know more about the different types of memory chips a google search is a good starting point.

What is ddr3 pc10600 1333mhz?

They are RAM (memory) chips for use in a computer.

What type of computer chips are said to be volatile?

Dram chips

What is computer memory card?

It is a small printed circuit board containing several random-access memory chips.

Are ROM the main circuit board of the system unit?

No. ROM is an acronym for Read Only Memory. ROM can range from computer chips that hold instructions for running the computer to CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs. The memory that CAN be written to is RAM, which is an acronym for Random Access Memory.

Is a flash memory magnetic tape or optical?

Neither. Flash memory is comprised of computer chips, specifically something called NAND memory.

Does 95 Chevy Cheyenne have a computer chip?

It has an ECU which contains memory chips.

What are chips when relating to a computer?

Chips, relating to a computer make up the processing and memory units of the contempory digital computer. Chip making is very precise. A chip is a small electronic circuit.

Where is simm is used in computer?

SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module), is a form of RAM (Random Access Memory) It is a ram chip with memory chips on one side. A DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) is like a SIMM, but has memory chips on both sides.

There are many types of memory chips that can be installed on a computer Which type should be installed in pairs to ensure functionality?

RIMM memory

Where is some of the system software held?

ROM memory chips on the motherboard

What are called ROM BIOS or firmware chips that can be upgraded without replacing the chips?

Read Only Memory(ROM) Basic Input Output System(BIOS) or firmware chips are "Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory(EEPROM)" chips, these kind of chips can be upgraded by flashing.

How many address lines are necessary to access 2k x 8 memory system using 256 x 8 memory chips?

Why do you want to waste 99.22% of the memory in these chips you supposedly will be spending good money on? Buy smaller sized memory chips more suitable for your purposes and design with them!

How can one expand a computers cache memory?

If you have a higher end computer you can expand cache memory by adding memory chips. Only some computers have the ability to add, remove, or change components. If there are no extra memory slots, you can purchase a new motherboard and memory chips, but this is more difficult and expensive.