Men in ancient Egypt

Updated: 11/6/2022
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men in ancient Egypt almost the same rights as women in ancient Egypt.

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Q: Men in ancient Egypt
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What did men do in ancient Egypt?

In Ancient Egypt, men were hard workers. They often were farmers or laborers, who had small houses and at least one wife and kids.

What is the role for men in ancient Egypt?

The men in ancient Egypt did work depending on their jobs, eg. scribe, builder, vizier, noble, farmer, etc.

Would men go to school in ancient Egypt?


Were men allowed to be a artisan in ancient Egypt?

Yes. Most artisans were men

Did men in ancient Egypt built the pyramids?

Yes but it wasn't the ancient Egyptians, it was the Jewish slaves they had as labour

What were the roles of men in ancient India during the indus period?

The men duties in ancient Egypt was to farm on the fertile ground, herd and collect papyrus:)

Did men and women sit in opposite sides of a room in ancient Egypt?


How are men treated by other members of society in ancient Egypt?

they beat them with sticks

When was nail polish remover first used?

it was first used by men in ancient Egypt

What did women do in ancient Egypt for entertainment?

They were treated just the same as men and worked a lot!

What did women and men were on their feet in ancient Egypt?

They wore sandals, slippers, or went barefoot.

What are the wraparound cloth worn by men in the ancient Egypt called?

In Egypt men wore linen that was usually wrapped around their waist, and and the girls usually wore linen dress.