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yes it is

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Q: Mimir es un modismo para el verbo en español dormir quiero dormir quiero mimir?
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What does Te vez supel linda porece eres mi novia te amo mmm quiero hacerte cosita rara mm quiero llegar a mi casa pa mimir cn mi novia mean?

Basically it means: "You look (super) pretty/beautiful, that's why you're my girlfriend. I love you. Mmm. I want to do strange little things to you. Mm, I want to come home to sleep with my girlfriend." I don't know what supel is, I'm guessing they meant super. "Cosita rara" i never heard that...Cosita is either a term of affection or "little things" "rara" is strange, rare something along those lines. "Mimir" usually stems from "dormir" which means "to sleep" :)

What does ah mimir se dice in English?

"Ah Mimir" in Spanish translates to "Oh Mimir" in English. It is an expression used to show surprise, frustration, or emphasis in a conversation.

Who was the advisor to odin?

His uncle, the Jotun Mimir. Or ... more accurately, Mimir's head. Mimir was sent as part of an exchange of hostages to show faith to the Vanir tribe of Gods after their war, along with Hoenir. Hoenir was not the brightest of people, and relied on Mimir's council. When the Vanir saw this, they cut off Mimir's head and sent it back to Odin. Odin then basically pickled the head and spoke magical charms over it, and it would speak to him when he consults it.

What is the english meaning of Hora de mimir?

Time to sleep

What is mimir?

Mímir, who was a friend of Odin. A jötunn, most likely.

What is the name of the greek gods that is equivalent to mimir?

Most likely the Muses.

What is wise in old Norse?

Mimir in old Norse means the rememberer or the wise one.

Why does odin wear an eyepatch?

In Norse mythology, Odin sacrificed his eye at Mimir's spring in order to gain the Wisdom of Ages.

What Norse God drank out of mimir's well to gain ultimate wisdom?

That would be Odin, he gave his left eye away as payment for this knowledge.

Why was Odin famous?

Odin was the Norse god of war and poetry. He is known for daring exploits, such as casting his eye into Mimir's Well to gain knowledge.

What happens to odin when he visits Mimir's well?

Mímisbrunnr, a well of knowledge, which Odin gave up his eye to in payment for a drink. Mímisbrunnr is guarded by Mímir, who was a friend of Odin.

What actors and actresses appeared in Le diamant noir - 1913?

The cast of Le diamant noir - 1913 includes: Delaunay Richard Mimir Fernand Crommelynck as Santher Blanche Derval as Linke