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The Nokia Company does not have a mission ir vision statement. This company is no more. Microsoft bought the Nokia Company. The sale was final on April 25, 2014.

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Q: Mission and vision of Nokia company?
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WHAT IS Mission and vision of Nokia mobile company?

What is Nokia Company vision and mission statment? Mission :- "We help communications, service providers, and build more valuable customer relationships". Vision :- "The Individual communications experience"

Vision and mission statement of Nokia?

The mission of nokia company is that rule on mobile world. And the mission is to provide moe cheapest and valuable mobiles to the people of world.

Vision and mission statement of nokia mobile comany?

mission statment of nokia mobiles

Mission statement of nokia?

The mission statement of Nokia is to provide the most inexpensive and valuable mobiles to the people of the world. Its vision statement, on the other hand, is Nokia company to rule the mobile world.

What is the mission statement of Nokia?

Why not use the link provided and get it straight from the horse's mouth? The first link is Nokia's "Corporate Responsibility" vision. The second is the overall Nokia vision. I think NOKIA`s mission statement is "Connecting People". But it is too narrow mission statement. According to the guild lines provided for mission statement, any mission statement should answer following questions Who your company is? what your company do? what your company stand for? why your company do it? but Nokia mission statement fails to answer these question. for further details follow the link

What is the vision and mission statement of Britannia company?

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Should a company have mission without vision?

No a company should not have a mission without vision, there is no mission witout a vision, if your mission is to do somthing then you are suppose to have an expected outcome which is the vision.

A mission statement for nokia?

Our vision is a world where everyone can be connected

Vision and mission of nokia company?

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What is the mission and vision of intuitive surgical company?

What is the mission and vision of Intuitive Surgical Inc.

What is the relationship between the mission and vision of a company to its organizational structure?

The mission and vision of a company can be integral to its organizational structure. The mission and vision can determine the chain of command and influence whether the company functions under a horizontal or vertical structure.

What is the missions of nokia company?

our vision is a worldwhere everyone canbe connected.

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