Missionary New Zealand

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Q: Missionary New Zealand
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What has the author Henry Williams written?

Henry Williams has written: 'The early journals of Henry Williams, senior missionary in New Zealand of the Church Missionary Society, 1826-40' -- subject(s): Church history, Maoris, Missions, Missions, New Zealand, History, New Zealand Missions, Church Missionary Society, Church Missionary Society. New Zealand Mission

A missionary who printed the first book in new zealand - 5000 copies of the new testiment?

William Colenso

Who is William colenso?

was a Cornish Christian missionary to New Zealand, and also a printer, botanist, explorer

What has the author Roy Edward Bullen written?

Roy Edward Bullen has written: 'From Bangladesh to the Baiyer' -- subject(s): Baptists, Missions, New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, New Zealand Missions

Why did Samuel Marsden come to New Zealand?

Samuel Marsden was an English born American cleric and Church Missionary Society member. He traveled to New Zealand because he thought it was corrupt and wanted to start a mission there.

Why was Henry Williams famous in the 1840s?

One Henry Williams was a member of the House of Representatives from Massachusetts in the 1840s and another was a missionary in New Zealand. he was also in an African missionary. he created a cure for a national influenza in 1849.

A sentences with the word missionary?

The missionary dresses simply. A new missionary is expected to arrive today.

What is the oldest existing house in New Zealand?

Kerikeri Mission House, also known as Kemp House, is the oldest documented house in New Zealand. It was built 1821-1822 by the London-based Church Missionary Society for the Reverend John Butler by missionary carpenters and Māori sawyers, the two-storey structure is of simple Georgian design, with a hipped roof and symmetrical façade.

Who was Paul?

He was a missionary in the new testament. he traveled three missionary journeys.

What is the currency of New Zealand?

New Zealand's currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD).the new zealand dollar

Who has hosted the Olympics the most times?

new zealand new zealand new zealand

The funniest joke in New Zealand?

New Zealand is the biggest joke in New Zealand.

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