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Colombia and Mexico have one of the best education systems in Latin America, but countries like Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay have an overall more educated population with more people completing high school and obtaining a degree. You can also measure this premise by analizing the level of education present in most latin American inmigrants and in emigration itself.

For instance, while countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia tend to have enormous and constant emigration waves, their citizens abroad ( most of them residing in large urban centres: main U.S and European cities) tend to lack a college education and have lower literacy rates. In contrast, Uruguayans and Venezuelans, among others, are in general more educated, for these countries have significantly lower emigration levels, so those who actually travel overseas (in most cases) do so in order to either go on vacation (which in most latin American countries implies having a fairly good economic situation, stable source of income, college degree, etc.) or to pursue some sort of graduate education or job oportunity (which implies the same requirements stated before).

Source: academic studies, reading and web searching, work and travel experience.

I'm French-Spaniard by the way. I hope I helped.

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Q: Most educated Latin American countries
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