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formed when coastal areas were flooded by the sea

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Irregular shorelines have headlands and bays which of these experieces the most severe erosion by breakers why?

You'll find out the answer once you read your textbook and stop searching up answers, like a lazy person. :D

Which state in the US has the most shorelines?


Where are beaches most common?

flat shorelines.

What does Haiti have?

Haiti has shorelines ansd sunshine, most of the time.

The most irregular verb in English is?

The most irregular verb is the verb to be: am, is. are, was, were.

How do you find irregular shapes?

Irregular shapes are all around. Most shapes are irregular.

Were do most tsunamis happened?

Tsunamis happen in places located near shorelines.

Which biome receives the most irregular rainfall?

Deserts receive the most irregular rainfall.

What is most famous Irregular Galaxy?

There don't appear to be any "famous" named Irregular Galaxies. The ones that can be found online are named IC 4710, ESO 486-21, IC 3583, NGC 2337 & UGC 4459

Do headlands or bays or regular shorelines experience more erosion?

headlands will experience the most, because they are the line of least resistance (sticking out into the sea) and will catch the full force of the waves, as opposed to the bays and shorelines they shelter.

Where is salt water most often found relative to dry land?

Along shorelines and near beaches

Which agent of erosion is most likely to responsible for the deposition of sandbars along ocean shorelines?

mass movement

When did caves form?

Most appear to have formed in the Pleistocene, and many are still developing, but there are relics of much older ones in palaeo-karst.

How are irregular galaxies formed?

Most modern researchers believe that galaxies form as a result of two factors: the turbulence and properties of the gases around them, and how they have interacted with their surroundings throughout time. Irregular galaxies usually form the way they do because they have been affected by other nearby galaxies.

How about the name of a person is it regular or irregular noun?

A regular and irregular noun is determined by how its plural is formed. Most people prefer to pluralize their name using regular plural forms; for example: The Kennedy family is not the Kennedies, they are the Kennedys. Danny and Sally are not Dannies and Sallies, they are Dannys and Sallys.

Which country has the most irregular coastLine?


What is the most irregular verb in in English?

The most commonly used irregular verbs in English are: to be, to have, to do and to go. Of them, "to be" changes most radically from the infinitive to its conjugated forms which include: am, is, are, was, were, has been, and is being.

How often do most ocean shorelines experience two high tides and two low tides?

Every two days

Examples of irregular verbs in all tenses?

The most irregular of verbs are BE and HaveI amyou arehe/she isI will beI wasyou wereI have beenI was beingto beif I wereI havehe/she hasto haveI hadI have hadI have been havingI am having

What galaxy is most uncommon in the universe?

All galaxies appear to be unique; they are all equally uncommon. Except ours; the Milky Way is the only galaxy to have US in it. Edit : Galaxies are classified into various types. The most uncommon type is known as "Irregular".

Which planet has an irregular orbit?

The planet Mars has the most irregular orbit of any other planet in the Solar System. The planet Venus has the most circular and regular orbit.

Is it normal at first to have irregular periods?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have irregular periods at first. Most girls worry about it at first, but there is no need.

How do form the past tense of verbs?

Most verbs are regular verbs and the past tense is formed by adding -ed to the verb egwalk - walked, talk - talked, listen - listened, procrastinate - procrastinated.Some verbs are irregular and the past form is not made by adding -ed. Irregular verb past forms are:the same word - cut - cut, put - put, set - set, split - splitora new word - shoot - shot, tell - told, understand - understoodWith irregular verbs you have to learn the past forms because there is no rule for how they are formed.

Where do Imps appear most in RuneScape?

they most appear by karajamia by the volcoanoand they most appear in al kharid near the north scorpionsnear the lumbridge castle

Do most galaxies rotate around a core?

I believe that most galaxies do, but there are irregular galaxies which do not.

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