Most of the people this state live in desert areas name one desert in this state?


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The vast majority of Nevada is covered by deserts - the Great Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert.

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In the United States, people in the states of Nevada, Arizona and Utah mostly live in areas classified as deserts.

In desert areas, population is concentrated near available water supplies, whether oases, springs, streams, rivers or lakes.

Nearly the entire continent of Antarctica is desert.

Most desert areas have the same employment available as in non desert areas. People may work as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, clergy member, farmer, rancher, shop owner, miner, truck driver, etc.

Actually, only a small corner of the state of Texas is desert. The rest of the state is not desert. Nevada is the state with the most desert. Nearly the entire state is covered by deserts. However, Texas is the largest state with a desert.

There are urban areas in the Atacama but most of the desert is rural.

Yes, about 90% of Jordan is considered to have a hot desert climate.

Most people who live in deserts are not 'suffering' from deserts. They have adapted to, and actually enjoy their lives in the desert. There are over 2 dozen major desert areas in the world. For a list of these as well as their locations, click on this link.

well it depends on what part of the desert and which desert but it is one of the top of the food chain in most areas

Because most of the land is desert, and most people do not want to live in the desert.

There is no geographical feature which most people would describe as a 'desert' in the US state of Missouri.

Snakes do live in Qatar but most of them live in the desert. I don't think snakes live in areas that people live.

Nearly the entire state of Nevada is covered by the Great Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert.

Not exclusively. While armadillos may live in desert or desert-like environments, most prefer wooded or brushy areas.

Most people in Australia live in urban areas.

The Sonoran Desert has 4 seasons, just like most other areas of the world.

Most deserts have four seasons. However, the seasons are not quite as distinct as in non-desert areas.

Most snakes, including desert snakes, are afraid of people.

The state of Nevada is almost entirely covered by the Great Basin Desert and a small patch of the Mojave Desert. Arizona has the greatest number of deserts. In that state can be found parts of the following deserts: Chihuahuan Desert Sonoran Desert Mojave Desert Colorado Plateau Desert

There are more than two dozen major desert areas in the world and numerous smaller desert areas. For a list of the major deserts and their locations, click on this link.

Most need areas for teachers today is in urban and rural areas.

Most of the state of Nevada is part of the Great Basin Desert. The southern tip of the state is part of the Mojave Desert.

The Thar Desert of India and Pakistan is the most populated desert in the world at 83 people per square kilometer.

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