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Most sold album?

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Micheal jacksons thriller

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List of groups that have sold the most albums sold?

Beatles have the most albums sold, and the Eagles have the most sold of one album!

The most sold album of Guns and Roses?

The most sold album of Guns and Roses was "Appetite for Destruction". This was the very first album for the group and sold almost 20 million copies in a matter of weeks.

Who sold the most copies of a single album in America so far?

Micheal Jackson sold over 42 million copies of his 1982 album 'thriller'. It is the most sold album thus far.

What Michael Jackson album sold the most?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album has sold the most copies.It also has won eight grammies.

What was usher's most sold album?


The most sold music album ever?

Michael Jackson's thriller is the album. Over 110 million copies of this album are sold world-wide.

Which Coldplay album has sold the most copies?

Viva La Vida has sold the most copies.

Album that The Beatles sold most of?

The White Album, or The Beatles Album

What is the most sold jazz album?

kinda blue

Most sold metal album?

Metallica, Metallica

The most sold music album by the beatles?

let it be

Which Michael Jackson album was sold the most?


What was Michael Jackson's most sold album?


What was tupac's most sold album?

All eyes on me

What Beatles album has sold the most?

Sgt Pepper

What is the most a Beatles album sold for?

Abbey Road

What foreigner album sold the most copies?

the Beatles

What studio album sold the most copies in the us?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

What was Stevie Wonder's most sold album?

Songs in the Key of Life, his the 18th album.

Which solo album from the members of Kiss sold the most?

Although Ace Frehley's Solo Album Produced the biggest hit with "New York Groove" Gene Simmon's Solo Album sold the most copies. Peter Criss's (Drummer) Solo Album Sold the slowest out of all for members.

What is Beyonce most sold album?

Beyoncé highest selling album was Dangerously in Love (2003), which sold 11 million copies worldwide.

Which is the most sold album of the guns and roses?

Appetite for Destruction

What was Queen latifah's most sold album?

All About The Queen

What nirvana album sold the most copies?

Probably Nevermind.

What Elvis Presley Album has sold most?

hound dog