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It would be the mother's money as she is the owner of the policy. The only way the money would go to the sons is if they were the first named insured's on the policy.

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Mother gives 4 sons her home she pays insurance premiums in her name years later a claim is made who legally has claim to the insurance proceeds mother or sons insurance was never changed to the sonns?

The legal right to the money requested in the claim goes to the person who is named in the policy. Regardless of who was paying the premiums.... (even if the sons made the claim to fix something) Mom has her name on it she will be named on the check and will be the rightful recipient to the claim.

House given to her sons she is paying Insurance premiums a claim is made who legally belongs to the insurance money?

The Son's are the owners, The Sons receive compensation for their loss. It doesn't matter who paid the premiums.

If you were someones caretaker until they pass away and they leave you as benificiary on their life insurance policy and not their stepchildren does this legally belong to the caretaker?

The proceeds of the life insurance policy legally and contractually belong to the named beneficiary of the policy, in this case the caretaker.

Can husband cash in wife's insurance policy?

If the husband is the nominee of the wife's life policy,and in case of later's eventuality, he can claim the insurance proceeds and the Insurance Co. is legally bound to pay to the nominated husband.

You live in South Africa and you want to know if its possible to buy a car with only a learners licence and what about getting insurance?

To legally buy a vehicle in South Africa, you do need a full driver's license. No insurance company will offer insurance to a learner driver, and once you do have a license, your premiums are higher until you are 25yrs old. To legally buy a vehicle in South Africa, you do need a full driver's license. No insurance company will offer insurance to a learner driver, and once you do have a license, your premiums are higher until you are 25yrs old.

Can a person that's not your parent put you on their car insurance?

Yes, as long as you are legally able to drive. The insured just needs to inform the insurance company, supply all relevant info & of course pay any additional premiums.

What car insurance is legally required in Tennessee?

It is required to have liability car insurance to legally drive in Tennessee.

Are you legally required to include your spouse on the auto insurance policy if you own the car yourself? But, for insurance purposes, yes.

Can a will be legally changed after death?


What professional football player had his name legally changed to Ochocinco?

Chad Johnson. He legally changed it back again.

How long do you legally have to change your current insurance coverage if you purchase a new car?

You need to have it changed as soon as the deal is final, and all the paperwork is done. Don't drive anywhere without contacting your insurance company.

Are you legally required to purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey?

No, it is not legally required that you purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey. It is a good idea to have boat insurance in case of an accident.

Who receives the proceeds of a life insurance policy if the insures person dies?

The person or legal entity (such as a corporation or partnership) that is named as the "beneficiary" receives the proceeds. Ordinarily, the owner of the policy is the applicant, and he/she designates the beneficiary upon application for the insurance. During the period of the insured's life, he/she normally has the power to change the beneficiary(ies).

If you legally change your name can you receive inheritances or life insurance benefits left to your former name?

You need a copy of your birth certificate and/or the papers you received when you changed your name.

Can you get back dated auto insurance?

Not legally

Is boat insurance legally required in Canada?


Can a car be on the road without insurance?

Not legally.

What did Miley Cyrus legally change her name to?

Miley legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus, but changed it from Destiney Hope Cyrus.

How is the constitution legally changed?

By way of Amendment

Why would a prospective employer be interested in your health?

A prospective employer may be interested in your health because many employers pay a portion of their employees' health insurance. Health insurance premiums may be higher if you are in poor health or a regular smoker. However, a potential employer is not legally allowed to ask questions about health during an interview.

Can a husband cancel his wife's health insurance if not legally separated?

If not legally separated, you will probably have to wait until open enrollment through your employer to cancel her insurance. If you do get legally separated, you can cancel insurance as you have had "change in status." Usually insurance companies will process changes outside of open enrollment when you have a change in family status. An example of this would be getting married, having a baby, or getting divorced/legally separated.

What is cost for driving insurance with no car?

You cannot legally be sold auto insurance if you have no car to insure.

If my name only as the owner is on a car but my daughter who has her own insurance on the car was in an accident could you be legally responsible?

No. Car insurance is insurance on the car not insurance on the driver.

How long can one legally wait to buy insurance for a new car?

Legally, there is no way to wait to buy insurance for a new car. All new cars must have valid insurance policies before they are able to leave the lot.

Who can legally change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

The Insured can change the beneficiary on a life insurance contract.

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