Motion is relative to what?

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Motion is relative to your frame of reference which you can choose arbitrarily.

Most people use the surface of the earth as their frame of reference or their own body depending on the calcualtion they are doing. However, that makes describing the orbits of the planets more difficult so the sun is often used as the frame of reference in that case. If I'm inside a car my frame of reference might be my head, the car or I could choose a spot along the road (the surface of the earth).

From a science standpoint you should get the same answer no matter what frame of reference you arbitrarily choose but it often turns out that choosing a particular frame of reference makes certain calculations much easier.

Just keep in mind that motion is always relative to something and you get to pick whatever that something is when you are solving a problem or doing a calculation. Just don't change frames of reference in the middle of a problem or your answer will likely be incorrect.

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Q: Motion is relative to what?
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