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Moto razr red commercial song by who?

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new young pony club - ice cream

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What song is played on the new blue jean belk commercial?

"Jeans On" is the name of the song in the Red Camel jeans commercial.

What is the song in the Ford Focus commercial?

The name of the song that plays in the 2014 Ford Focus commercial is What I Wouldn't Do by Serena Ryder. The commercial features a red Focus.

What is the song playing in commercial with Pharrell and other artists?

Red Bull has a commercial with a song preformed by Pharrell and Miley Cyrus. The song is called Come Get it Bae.

What commercial song has the word yum at the end of it?

Red robin

Where is theme song for red Motorola phone?

The theme song for Motorola products is called 'Hello Moto'. It is a robotic based tune and there is really no original artist who recorded it.

What is the song in the nfl red zone commercial?

Breakaway by Detroit Cobras.

What is the song on the Telus commercial with the blue macaws copying the red macaw?

The song is by Anjulie's - called Jamba

The red bull commercial song now and forever 2012 commercial?

Outro ( hurry up, were dreaming) by M83

What commercial that played song lady in red?

The weight watchers "Smart Ones" food Commercial used to use lady in red as the theme song.. i remember because it used to show a lady dancing in a red dress eating the smart ones food from the red box

What is the name of the song on the NFL red zone commercial?

"Breakaway" The Detroit Cobras

There was a red cross commercial in 1990 with featured the rolling stones song gimme shelter What was the name of this commercial?

Red Cross commercial, Play Your Part, was from the 1980s. It featured Gimme Shelter. Unfortunately the commercial can't be found on the internet.

What was the car commercial with the mice driving around in a red car and what is the song in it called?

I think that is the Kia Sorrento commercial. Don't know the name of the song.

Who sings the song on the new red vines commercial?

"Mostly Sunny" and the song is "More Than Anyone Else."

Name the song in marathon oil commercial?

I believe this is a reworking of the Lynyard Skynyrd song Red White and Blue.

What is Red Crosses moto?

Together we can save a life.

What is the song in the 2010 palm commercial with woman in red dress?

I think it's the song "Quiet Dog" by Mos Def.

Where can you get the song that The American Red Cross used in a commercial about the blood flowing threw the heart?

== ==

What is the song on the tetly red tea commercial?

Try searching for a stage name of "Fiji."

What is the song in the new commercial for Red Bull BC One with Lilou?

M83 - Outro

What song is used in the current red lobster commercial?

Criminal Love by Memphis High

What was the Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers in car commercial?

"The Greeting Song" (on Blood Sugar Sex Magik album) was going to be on a Ford commercial, but singer Anthony Kiedis denied.

What is the Red Bull commercial song now and forever 2012 commercial?

It's "Outro" by M83 See related links for YouTube video.

What is the Mick jagger song in dell red computer commercial?

Mick Jagger - Charmed Life

What is the name of the song on poker stars commercial?

Probably you are talking about MJ Cole - Red and Black

Who sings the new cadillac commercial song?

If you're talking about the commercial featuring the actress Kate Walsh [aka the semi-foxy red-head from Grey's Anatomy] the song is called "Stars" by Hum.