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The movement to end slavery was called the Abolitionist Movement

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Which reform movement wanted to put an end to slavery?

abolitionist movement

People who wanted to end slavery were called?


Did the north wanted slavery?

No. North wanted to end slavery and south wanted slavery

What abolitionist means?

Abolitionists were part of a movement who wanted to end slavery during the 1800's.

When did the abolitionist movement start and what was it for?

The Abolitionist Movement started in the early 1800's and it was a group of people that wanted to abolish/end slavery in the U.S.A.

What was the movement to end slavery?

The Abolitionist Movement.

What was the abalition movement?

the movement to end slavery

Did the Union wanted slavery to happen?

No, the Union wanted to end slavery, that was the reason was for the Civil War. The Confederacy wanted slavery

What did the north want?

the north wanted to end slavery and the south wanted slavery

What was the movement to end slavery called?

the abololitionist movement.

What was the end of slavery called?

abolitionism is the movement to end slavery, and the emancipation proclamation is the document that ended slavery.

Movement to end slavery?


What is a ablitionist?

The Movement To End Slavery

The anti slavery movement in America was known as?

The anti-slavery movement in America was known as the Abolitionism Movement. Abolitionists called for a total end of slavery and worked diligently towards that end until the Civil War. The Quakers were the first group to call for the end of slavery.

What did the Abolitionists hope to end?

They wanted to end slavery

What were the people who worked to end slavery called?

In the early 1830's the anti-slavery abolitionist movement became an active minority movement to end slavery in the United States. While many Americans at the time in the North did not favor slavery, they accepted it as part of the South's culture. Many Americans believed that the immediate and total end of slavery, as the abolitionists wanted would cause a huge economic and social disruption.

How did the abolition movement try to end slavery?

It was supposed to abolish slavery.

Who was in the civil war of America?

There was the Confederate (South who wanted Slavery) Then there was the Union (North who wanted to end Slavery)

Did an abolitionist want slavery to end?

Yes. They wanted to abolish slavery.

The movement to end slavery was known as?


What was abolitionist movement goal?

to end slavery!

The movement to end slavery is known as?


What movement end slavery in the US?


What group wanted to end slavery?


Who were the people how wanted to end slavery?

the union

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