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Msg side effects?


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I'm allergic to MSG, so these are just my symptoms. You may not experience all/any of them.


-Joint Stiffness/Pain

-Trouble Focusing

-Memory Lapses

-Severe thirst

-Severe hunger

-Hand/foot swelling


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I believe my aches and joint stiffnes are aggrevated by intake of foods high in MSG, such as donner kebabs, Chinese style spare ribs. I have no proof of this, only more pronounced discomport/pain and stiffnes after consuming the above foods, this usually occurs within 24/36 hours after eating. On a website, making people aware of the side effects of MSG, that soy sauce also contains MSG, I regularly take this with my food.. I will cease doing so

Yes, I had a burger and fries there, and either both had MSG or at least the fries did. The taste and after-effects were unmistakable.

MSG makes your hair fall off and can get you cancer some msg is made of really bad quality products which can get you '''cancer.''' If you eat a little like 1 cup noodle a week or something ,it won't do that much to you but if you eat cup noodle everyday, then you will probably start having side effects

Food Detectives - 2008 The Effects of MSG 2-4 was released on: USA: 10 February 2009

I have a severe allergic reaction to MSG which has caused me to grow my own vegetables and carefully pick my foods. Some of the bad side effects I've gotten have included -insomnia, as a result of the seizures which I usually get when I'm about to go to sleep. -Creepy nightmares -Tightness and lock of jaw -Stiffness of joints -headaches These, I have found to be the result of my MSG intake... It's a poison.

Headache. Flushing. Sweating. Facial tightness. Numbness, tingling or burning in the skin. Rapid, fluttering heartbeat. Chest pain. Nausea.

Persistent salty-but-not-salty flavor. Uncomfortable aftertaste. Stinky bowels. Those are the only sure effects. Likely effects include overeating and the associated obesity, poor food choices (because they taste better,) and hypochondria while reading about MSG on the Internet.

Granted I have a sampling of only a handful of people, and this was not by any means a scientific test and the side effects I note could be related to other ingredients. Test foods: Chips, Beef snacks, general food with MSG powder added Possible side effects so far: Bad breath Weird aftertaste Dry/sore throat (starting and lasting through the next day) More offensive bowels (You can add MSG to hunting dogs' food to make them stop eating their own) Nothing (from my sample of ~10 people, only two volunteered any side effect)

Many people, myself included, have various reactions to MSG in their systems. It can cause increased blood pressure, migraines, heart-attack like symptoms, and extreme water retention. These side effects are a reaction to the chemicals found in MSG. Although there are a number of people who are immune to these physical changes from consuming MSG, many are sensitive to them, and therefore find that it is better to request foods that do not have MSG in them. This is why many Chinese food establishments now carry signs that declare their food MSG-Free (since Americanized Chinese food is one of the big culprits of using this additive).

Is there MSG in pastrami

Headache, sweating and nausea are common harmful effects of Ajinimoto. Excessive or regular consumption of MSG can also lead to brain damage.Having Ajinimoto can also lead to dehydration. Swelling on the face, eyes and skin tightness are few harmful effects of Ajinimoto.MSG can gradually lead to chest pain, breathing disorder and laziness. Even cold or running nose, sneezing and drowsiness are few other health disorders of MSG.Burning sensation in the stomach and throat are experienced after having Ajinimoto due to its acidic ingredient.Frequent urination, vaginal pain or swelling, prostate swelling are other harmful side effects of Ajinimoto.Bowel movements, lower abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea are common side effects of Ajinimoto.Ajinimoto can lead to muscle and joint pain especially in the knees. Ajinimoto weakens the bones and decreases calcium content in the body.Ajinimoto can cause blood pressure fluctuations. High or low blood pressure level, arterial fibrillation, palpitations and arrhythmia are dangerous side effects of having Ajinimoto.People can suffer from migraine due to MSG. It is best to leave Ajinimoto if you are getting prince mathew pm

There is no MSG in banana.

Coffee does NOT have MSG.

MSG is the food additive (flavoring) monosodium glutamate, marketed under the brand names Ajinomoto, Vetsin, or Accent. The chemical is a sodium salt of the amino acid glutamic acid, and is marketed as a "flavor enhancer". It was commonly added to packaged retail foods until concerns about possible side effects in the 1990's. These were later found to be less significant, but many foods are still labeled as having "no MSG" (they may, however, still contain glutamates).(see related link)

No MSG is not banned in Australia.

MSG stands for monosodium glutamate.

MSG is monosodium glutamate.

No. Starbucks does not contain MSG.

MSG has not significance in airsoft.

Reduced fat milk does not have MSG. Why would it? MSG has a distinct flavour which is why it is used in foods. If salted milk tastes good, then it has MSG in it.

There is no recipe available to make MSG with vegetables. You can make vegetables without MSG by simply avoiding adding MSG to your vegetables and other foods.

On the channel MSG the announcers will usually be Sam Rosen (play-by-play) and Joe Micheletti (color commentator).John Giannone will most likely be the rink-side reporter for MSG.

C5H8NNaO4 is the molecular formula for MSG

No! There is not MSG in peanut butter. Why did you ask?

MSG is used in foods as a flavor enhancer.

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