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Multiple choice examination answer can be evaluated automatically by scantrons. These machines go through and mark answers right and wrong based on what letter is circled.

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Q: Multiple choice examination answer can be evaluated automatically by?
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Multiple choice answer sheets in an examination can be evaluated automatically by?

Optical Mark Reader

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How long does it take to complete the question. It doesn't state it.?

What kind of exam is it? The ASWB social work licensure examinations are multiple choice examinations that offer test-takers four options (A,B, C, D). The examinations are administered via computer at test sites. How many questions are on the examination? There are 170 questions on the ASWB examination, but only 150 count toward your score. The remaining 20 are pretest items, questions which are being evaluated for possible inclusion in the examination item pool

What type of questions are there in the CIPET JEE 2020?

CIPET JEE is an objective type of examination, so there are multiple-choice questions in the No: 18001218820

Answer of IIT examination?

In IIT JEE examination, we have to answer multiple choice questions. Only one or more than one answer may be correct from the given options. For a wrong answer, you get negative marks too. The answers undergo computerized evaluation.

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Depends on the multiple choice question

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When you don’t now what to choose what answer that’s when you should use multiple choice

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