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Muscles how do you spell it?

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Muscles is spelt "muscles" when referring to the muscles of the body. If, however, you are referring to the shellfish, then it is spelt "mussels".

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How do you spell mussles?

muscles for the muscles in your body. Mussels for the shellfish

What are the muscles in your cheek called?

spell check

How do you spell musscles?

muscles as in body muscles? or mussels as in sea mussels like mollusks?

How do you spell muscels?

'Muscles' are in your body, and 'mussels' are shellfish.

How do you spell muscular?

Muscular is how you spell muscular. The correct spelling of the adjective is muscular (of or having muscles; strong).

How do you spell biceps?

That is the correct spelling of the term "biceps" (muscles of the upper arm).

How do you spell pyhsical?

The correct spelling is "physical" (material, done with muscles not thought).

How do you spell muscly?

The spelling "muscly" is the rarely-used adjective meaning having muscles.

What careers would need to know about bones and muscles?

Orthopaedist (yes, that is how you spell it)Physical therapist.

How do you spell Glutiusmaximus?

The Latin name for either of the large muscles of the human posterior is gluteus maximus.

How do you spell glueteus maximuse?

The name for either of the large muscles of the human posterior is gluteus maximus.

How do you spell mucsiles?

The likely word is the plural noun "muscles" (tissues that move within an animal).

How do you spell muscelo skeletal?

The correct spelling of the adjective is musculoskeletal(referring to the bones and muscles that move the body).

How do you spell glutious maxiomius?

Either of the two large muscles of the posterior is the gluteus maximus (buttocks, bottom).

What muscles are used most?

your brain and heart muscles, plus your tounge and face muscles. (your heart is technechly an organ) p.s. I know I spelled a lot of words wrong in this answer (see slashed through words) so don't spell them the way I did

What muscles are used when doing a vertical jump?

you use your quradcips i dont know how to spell that good i hope i got it right =)

What is the official name of the calve muscle?

I would spell this "calf" muscle - the plural is calves, but the singular is calf (in fact, calfs is coming into common usage in agriculture.) The large muscles at the top of the calf are the gastrocmenius, the muscles that extend the foot. The soleus are the flat, broader muscles that are underneath the gastrocnemius.

How do you spell Proprioceptive?

That is the correct spelling of "proprioceptive" (referring to proprioceptors, nerves within muscles and other tissues that sense their motion or position).

How do you spell bicep?

The muscle name is more correctly the "biceps" (used as a singular or plural name), one of several upper arm muscles.

How do you spell strenghens?

The correct spelling is strengthens.Some example sentences are:The new glue strengthens the cracked vase.He strengthens his muscles for the match.

How do you spell glutius maximus?

Either of the two large muscles of the human posterior (seat, buttocks, derriere) is a gluteus maximus (plural gluteus maximi).

What types of muscles are striated striped muscles skeletal muscles smooth muscles or involuntary muscles?

Skeletal muscles.

Which muscles are involuntary muscles?

smooth muscles and cardiac muscles

What is the voluntary muscles?

Voluntary muscles are under your control. They can contract and relax them as per your will. Striated muscles are voluntary muscles. Smooth muscles and cardiac muscles are involuntary muscles.

Are smooth muscles volentary muscles?

No, Smooth muscles are involuntary muscles