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NO, they can sell the savage to the insurer. If the insurance company already paid and was past the waiting limit. If before than they will make repairs or call it a totaled loss and pay you then. Depends on damage and time frame.

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Q: Must the insuree take back a recovered vehicle?
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If your vehicle is stolen and the insurance company pays you off then the vehicle is recovered do you have to pay the money back?

You either have to return the money or not keep the vehicle. You don't get the benefit of both the value of the car in cash and the actual car.

What is the distance you must hear back-up warning signal on a vehicle?

You must be able to hear the back-up warning signal of a vehicle from at least 10 metres away.

Where must L or P plates be displayed on a vehicle?

On the front and back of the exterior of the vehicle.

Is a recreational camper trailer considered a vehicle in Florida?

Yes, you must apply for a recreational vehicle license. You must have license plates on the back of your trailer.

When two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither can pass which one must back up until the other vehicle can pass?

The vehicle facing downhill must back up until the other can pass. The downhill vehicle has greater control when backing up.

If a trailer covers the stoplight of the towing vehicle where else must the stoplight be?

on the back of the trailer.

If a transit vehicle (bus) has signaled and is pulling back onto the roadway you must?


A car with light flashing from back?

Caution, it is a vehicle that must go slow for some reason.

What are your rights if you are a primary borrower of a vehicle and the seconday borrower is not paying the loan?

If the secondary borrower is not paying the loan, you must take the vehicle back from the secondary borrower before the bank takes back the vehicle and ruins your credit. You will learn from that not to cosign a loan.

How do you use the word 'recovered in a sentence?

The police recovered the stolen car.She slowly recovered after the skiing accident.

How do you retrieve my vehicle from a friend who will not give it back?

If your friend refuses to return it then you must contact the police for theft.

How many points for a recovered PAT and run-back?


My car was stolen and the insurance company paid me but then the police recovered the car?

keep the money and find another car, or give back the money and get your recovered car.

Vehicle you recovered and the owner has given it back to the finance company are they responsible for storage and recovery costs?

Depending on your contract with the lender or repossession forwarding company, they could be responsible for the storage fees and recovery costs. Ultimately the car's owner is responsible. If the fees have not been paid and you feel they will not be, and you have not released the vehicle yet, do not release it. The vehicle is the only security you have against payment.

What is the antonym of supplied?

Usurped, drained, recovered, taken back, returned, reacquired.

What happens if a car has dents and is repossessed?

It gets placed in the junkyard. In order to get the vehicle back you must you pay your bill, as well as pay your local junkyard company to get your car back.

Is it legal to ride in the back of an open pickup in Newfoundland?

no, every occupant of a moving vehicle must wear a seat belt in nfld

If a trailer covers the stoplight of the towing vehicle where else must a stoplight be?

On the back of the trailer .

When traveling at night with the high beams on how far behind a vehicle must you be before you have to switch back to the low beams?

300 Feet.

Do adults in CT have to wear seatbelt in the back seat?

Yes. Every person in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt, in every state.

Why should back up data be kept?

In case the data is lost and therefore cannot be recovered unless there is a back up

Did the US get their bodies back from Black Hawk Down?

All the bodies were eventually recovered .

Why do trailer lights work only until headlights come on?

Check your ground wire, all the lights must be grounded back to the vehicle.

Can you put grease in the wheel bearings of a 1989 Topaz?

You must remove the wheel bearings, inspect them, repack them with grease, and install them back in the vehicle.

Can I get my vehicle back after the police stopped me and arrest me for a strolling template on my vehicle?

You will be able to get your vehicle back if the police stop you and arrest you for having a stolen template on your vehicle but first you will have to get all of your paperwork in order.

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